The Wish Is Father To The Thought - 1994 - Poseidon
Horrible Within - 1995 - Poseidon
Demonic Fertilizer - 1997 - Displeased

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G= PHILIP NUGTEREN - Sempiternal Deathreign>>Victor Van Drie


D= Sempiternal Deathreign, Mourning>>Mischa Hak>>Mourning - Mourning>>ANDRE VAN DER REE

History & Biography
This group was formed in 1989 by singer Soeterbrock, guitarist Nutgren and drummer Roor. A split LP with Mourning appeared in 1990 through Midian Creations. Since the album was actually recorded over 18 months prior to its appearance, the actual release occurred long after the band had already disbanded. The band reforms and with the addition of Hak records a 1993 promo and The Wish... Hak only stays for that album however. He is replaced by an ex-Mourning drummer and the band even adds Asphyx's Eric Daniels for a while to add a second guitarist to the fold. Demonic Fertilizer is actually five new songs and the five songs the band contributed to the earlier split LP.


The fact that many undeserving bands are signed while many quality acts remain at the demo stage is an old one on the metal scene, if not the wider music scene. Yet, barely anyone pays any attention to the issue. Case in point being our lovely artists collectively called Eternal Solstice. They are not the worst piece of crap out there, but that does not deter from the fact that they are trying. So let us give them some credit for aspiring to be the worst. Beginning with a weak guitar sound, the Dutch death/thrash trio truly keeps it underground by sounding like the victims of an 8-track machine. The cliche vocals help little, but next to the monotonous beat of the drummer the vocalist sounds ready to kick some serious ass. Take a listen to the album's closing number Turn Of The Century. How long has this dude been behind the kit? Not counting the recording session, three weeks? To muddy up the waters further, the gang took it upon themselves to slaughter the pop oldie In The Year 2525. What is everyone thinking? Why has Displeased let these guys release three albums? Could family connections be the answer? Are managers nonexistent in The Netherlands? Noting the album title, how about English dictionaries? Will the sales of this record exceed the number of promotional copies freely handed out? - Ali "The Metallian"


Eternal Solstice