Om Santhi - 1995 - Unisound
Tales Of The Macabre - 2001 - J&S Music Factory

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Desolation, Rotting Christ>>Necromayhem [Sakis Tolis]>>Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord - Andre - Verith – Antonis Orologas

Bathomet>>CHRIS ASIMINAS>>Bathomet

Chris - Periklis Mparmpas

Desolation, Bathomet>>VAGGELIS ZAUTSOS>>Bathomet


History & Biography
Ethereal was formed in Athens, Greece by former Desolation members drummer Vangelis and Necromayhem of Rotting Christ in 1991. A three-song demo was recorded and earmarked for a split LP with Colombia's Masacre by Decapitated Records. With this project falling through, Masacre signed with Osmose Productions and Ethereal saw the songs released on a German compilation CD.

Necromayhem left the fold to concentrate on Rotting Christ, but with singer Andre and guitarist and bassist Chris in the band, Ethereal released a new demo called Om Santhi in 1992. This demo was later pressed onto CD in a limited edition of 1,000 by Unisound (formerly Decapitated Records), but the band broke up.

Three years pass before Vangelis and Chris recruited Verith on vocals and keyboards and released a 10" EP called Dominion through Uniforce Records before again disappearing. The band returned again in 2001 and issued a full-length album entitled Tales Of The Macabre. The albums also featured songs from the band's 1994 demo as a bonus. Vocalist Antonis left and bassist Periklis also assumed the role. Although Antonis was to return to the fold, he eventually left the band once again and Ethereal recruited a new keyboardist by the name of Stelios Sakellariou.

The band was seen writing and rehearsing new music in 2002. Furthermore, the band also saw the return of... you guessed it, vocalist Antonis to the fold. Regardless, the band switched to the Desolation monicker in 2003.