Black Heart Process - 2005 - Deadsun
Essays In Rhyme On Passion & Ethics – 2010 - Casket

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G= Fokion Stavrakis>>Celéne, Deathcraeft, Omenloth- GEORGE ATHANASIADIS>>Immensity - PANOS

B= Empty Mirror, Omenloth>>MILTOS D.>>Empty Mirror, Omenloth


K= Akis P.

History & Biography
Ethereal Blue is a Greek band which was formed in the winter of 2002. The band, which at this juncture also featured Keyboardist Stavros and singer Eleana, recorded a demo called A Mourning Ocean.... With the two aforenamed members leaving Efthimis was brought in on vocals, while Akis joined on piano. Shows with Rotting Christ (November, 2002), Septic Flesh (May, 2003) and others followed until the group signed with France's Deadsun Records. Black Heart Process was recorded partly at Rock Sound Studio, partly at Allright Studio and Ars Studio in 2003. It was released in the winter of 2005.

The band issued a demo called Promo 2007 and had Deadsun distribute it. This lead to Casket Music and Essays In Rhyme On Passion & Ethics in 2010. Panos was the second guitarist here. Akis was already gone. The band disappeared.


One knows something is wrong with this album beginning with the album's cover artwork where a silhouette, the band's logo and the album's title are swamped by a mass of purple and blue. They apparently are still writing and recording albums like these. You know, the ones they term atmospheric 'metal', like Adipocere Records was releasing ten years ago and almost drove that label (although DSFA, Witchhunt and others did go broke releasing albums like it) to bankruptcy, with the metal component being debatable. There are two vocal styles on Black Heart Process, one is aggressive and the other is melodic and clean. The styles are often present simultaneously. There are keyboards and pianos all over the place and the guitars are amateurishly played. The production is weak which takes even that away from the group's potential arsenal. The song War appropriately begins faster and harder, but a song like Transplanted Images drops all pretensions and is thoroughly a soft pop tune. Of course, the six-piece quickly tries to balance things on the appropriately-titled following song, Licking The Wounds. Then again, the commercialism of the keyboards nix that notion quickly. The album ends with a long eight-minute song which starts as a Classical piece with vocals and piano accompaniment and metamorphoses into a jazz number. Legions of metal awake - ha! - Ali "The Metallian"


Ethereal Blue