A World Without All – 2011 – Satanarsa
I Magen Av Svart Kaos – 2014 – Satanath
Loneliness Of My Life – 2018 – Symbol Of Domination
Pathway To Eternity. The Agony – 2020 - Grimmdistribution

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S= Mikhail Smirnov - Luka [Elena Vladimirovna]

G= Bestial Deform>>FENRIR [ALEXEY VESELOV]>>Bestial Deform

B= Bestial Deform>>FENRIR [ALEXEY VESELOV]>>Bestial Deform


History & Biography
This doom metal band came together in 2006 and issued a demo, called Locked In The Dark On The Path To Enlightenment, four years later. In a Chasm of Thousand-Year Despondency followed. Note that the demos have English titles, but the song titles are Russian. A local Russian label issued the grammatically dubious debut album in 2011. Regardless 2012 brought a demo and it was called Во мраке веков. Entombed In The Depths Of The Frozen Forests followed. In The Fog Of The Dead Lakes of 2012 was the third release that year. В глубинах болота was the fourth release in 2012. The 2013 demo was called Dreams Of Black Moon. The band began working with Satanath next. The Silence Of The Ancient Forests was a 2016 demo. Pathway To Eternity. The Agony is based on the poem Potets by Alexander Vvedensky who was a 20th century Russian poet. Singer Luka left in 2020.

The band is the solo instrument of Mr. Fenrir.


Fenrir aka Alexey Veselov has been prolific and Pathway To Eternity. The Agony is the eighth full-length release by the man in the past decade. On this eight track, 80-minute long album he is joined by Luka aka Elena Vladimirovna who has taken on the female vocal duties. The opener, obviously a long song, sees the duo flow through doomy, atmospheric and ambient sounds and sometimes switch to screaming agony with chaotic sounds and music. The emotion is conveyed well so that the listener can perhaps get into the same flow. However, as with most releases that regularly use variations within songs, there is also no apparent reason to understand the changes in pace, mood or heaviness. In this case the Russian lyrics don't help the average listener. The heavy segments provide a good dose of metal, but come close to metalcore realms. Somewhat surprisingly the song titles are in English. Titles like Awareness Of The Frailty Of Being, Pandemonium, and The Invisible Veil Of The Cold Silence provide enough hints - alongside the music - of the mood that has helped create this album. It is less surprising that that name of the band is taken from Tolkien's tales. The album ends with Last Struggle, which seems apt. – Anna Tergel


Ethir Anduin