A Velvet Creation - 1993 - WAR
Mirrorworlds – 1997 - WAR
I Am The Void – 2022 - Regain

Eucharist image

G= Fainted>>MARKUS JOHNSSON>>Fainted - Thomas Einarsson

B= Eternal Lies, Armageddon, Netherbird, Revengia>>Tobias Gustafsson>>Eternal Lies, Armageddon, Netherbird, Revengia – Livin' Parazite>>Martin Karlsson>>Livin' Parazite, Eternal Lies

D= In Flames, Arch Enemy, Liers In Wait, Diabolique, Armageddon>>Daniel Erlandsson>>In Flames, Arch Enemy, Liers In Wait, Diabolique, Black Earth – Streams Of Blood, Fleshcrawl, Der Weg Einer Freiheit, Paragon Belial, Infestus, Panzerchrist, Nargaroth, Belphegor, Monument Of Misanthropy, Nervecell, Kaoteon, At The Grave, Marduk>>SIMON "BLOODHAMMER" SCHILLING>>Panzerchrist, Kaoteon, At The Grave, Nervecell, Marduk

History & Biography
Pioneers of the 'Gothenburg Sound', Eucharist's CD was the very first release on WAR. The band played fast and melodic metal with a very clicky drum sound. Erlandsson fulfilled the call of his Swedish genes and played in half a dozen other bands.

Swedish death metal band Eucharist reunited for a concert at the Metal Reunion PTD3 festival on April 16th 2016 in Varberg, Sweden. The band was comprised of singer and guitarist Markus Johnsson, guitarist Matti Almsenius, bassist Tobias Bernström and drummer Daniel Erlandsson. Inevitably, there was a reformation album. Simon Schilling was on drums. Then again he was on drums for every band.