Winterider – 2019 - Rockshots

Markus Laito – Northern Seer, Metal De Facto, Dyecrest>>Mikael Salo>>Northern Seer, Metal De Facto, Dyecrest

Markus Laito

Allan C Hasanen


Skyhammer, Metal De Facto>>BENJI ‘SNOWKID’ CONNELLY>>Metal De Facto

History & Biography
The band was founded as Snowkid in 2013 and became Everfrost in 2015. The band adopted a Finnish pomp rock sound, standard anime uniforms and a twerking dance persona. The band reports influences from Michael Jackson and Sonata Arctica. Its story revolves around the fictional town of Everfrost, which has a tower and girl called Casey-Rose. Benji Connelly was from Australia. Blue Eyed Emotion was a late 2015 demo. It was conceived by Benji Connelly and fellow Australian singer Hew Wagner through long-distance collaboration. The band issued one of those cover version EPs, called Appetite For Candlelight, in 2017. The 2018 demo A Cold Night Out was taped in Helsinki.

Pop and rock specialist label Rockshots contracted the band and out came Winterider in 2019. A comic book was an insert. More cover versions followed when the band issued an EP covering a song called Die Young by pop rapper Ke$ha. The band had noticed that Children Of Bodom has covered Britney Spears. Singer and guitarist Markus Laito exited the fold in 2020. More anime style cover artwork was featured on 2021’s The Nightcore Tapes. Lead singer Mikael Salo exited in 2021.

Finland-based pomp rock band Everfrost had a single called Gotta Catch 'Em All featuring Mikael Salo (Thy Row) from its forthcoming 2022 EP of anime cover songs entitled Frostbites. It was out through Rockshots Records in November. The song was a cover version taken from the Pokémon franchise. The covers and tributes to Japanese pop culture was a trend on the scene with Voivod, Ripped To Shreds, Soul Dissolution, Tales Of The Tomb and Hanormale taking part. Female lead vocalist Eveliina Tuulia joined in 2022. The band announced its first concerts since 2018. The group would start 2024 by opening for Metal De Facto at that band's album release concert.