Under The Deep – 2015 - Hellstorm


S= Ammonia, One Final Moment, Continuum>>JAMES BROOKES
D= Apocalypsys, Ice Castle>>ERIC LEMIRE


Evertrapped – which is stylized as [Evertrapped] – was formed in Montreal in 2007. The band’s logo is enclosed in brackets to differentiate the act and give the monicker a modern name. The members have varied experience with several local Montreal bands. Its 2010 demo was named Tales from The Supermax. In 2011, James Brookes took over the vocals. He replaced Yan Chatel who himself had replaced Patrick Laplante a year earlier. 2012 brought The Anomaly. In 2013, the band played the annual Spread The Metal Festival in Toronto, Canada. Canada’s Hellstorm Recordz signed the band and issued the Under The Deep CD in October of 2015. The debut album explored the hidden reaches of humanity and its madness. Re-Anomaly was a 2020 independent re-release of the band’s earlier work. The Last Extinction was a 2020 demo.


Anyone worried or put off by the brackets around the band’s name should not be. The Montreal-based quintet is an actual band with talent and heaviness. This is neither a Nine Inch Nails pseudo-industrial band nor a mainstream crap act like Eminem. This is metal. Glorious death metal.
Past an untitled intro, Arise From The Ashes is a clichéd title and is immediately reminiscent of Entombed’s Wolverine Blues grunts and distortion. It soon changes course and ends up being neither Entombed-ish nor cliché. Like every other track on this CD it is brutal, attacking and worthwhile. The same track has an impressive solo as does a track like Blood Of The Fallen. The songs are multilayered as soon as one discerns some keyboards or lame mallcore screaming the band buoys itself and the metal fan by doing well with aggressive and fast metal. There are at least two vocal styles of high and low on the tracks, but the biography promises that it is all the handiwork of James Brookes. Lethal District is a standout and nods at technical death and thrash metal a la Pestilence. The technicality is never overdone however. The band instead embraces some serious pounding and deep vocals all the way through. Bouts of militaristic drumming or atmosphere are mere bumps meant to enhance and not to detract. [Evertrapped] is impressive. – Ali “The Metallian”