Every Mother's Nightmare - 1990 - Arista
Wake Up Screaming - 1993 - Arista
Smokin' Delta Voodoo - 2000 - Perris
Deeper Shade Of Grey - 2001 - Perris
Live Songs From Somewhere - 2002 - Perris

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G= Steve Malone - Jeff Craughorn - Travis Hall – TRAVIS ‘GUNNER’ BUTLER – JOHN GUTTERY

B= Mark McMurtry>>The 45's - TROY FLEMING

D= Jim Phipps>>The Issues, Charlie Bonnet III And The Folkin' Gasholes - Kris Beavers – LONNIE HAMMER

History & Biography
Memphis-born Every Mother's Nightmare is a sleaze/hard rock band whose debut garnered the band respectable sales and radio airplay. Ruhl and Malone formed the act in 1989. The ballad Love Can Make You Blind was a minor hit and was supported by MTV. Arista sent the band on the road with Doro and Circus Of Power. The quintet later opened for Cheap Trick and Dream Theater. The follow-up was also a respectable outing. The band appeared on TV on the Joan Rivers’ talk show. Still, the musical climate changed and the dream quickly became dormant.

The turn of the century meant renewed activity, this time through the independent Perris Records, and a revamped line-up with only left singer Rick Ruhl in place. The band quickly released two new albums, a compilation (of older tracks partially featuring drummer Clay Fuqua) and a live album. Every Mother's Nightmare also appeared on two AC/DC and one Poison tribute CD. Live Songs From Somewhere was released in November of 2002 and recorded at various locations across America.

HighVolMusic issued the Grind CD in 2017. It featured eleven tracks and three videos. The enhanced CD contained the five tracks from the self-released Grind demo of 2015, plus three new studio and three live tracks. Phipps joined Charlie Bonnet III And The Folkin' Gasholes in 2020.


Think of Live Songs From Somewhere as a 'best-of' package from Memphis' Every Mother's Nightmare. Newer songs mingle with older hits like the ballad Love Can Make You Blind or Walls Come Down. Having said that, the album shies away from material off the Wake Up Screaming album. Also think of the album as 'mix-of' package. Sounds reminiscent of Jackyll (the band's musical cousins), Def Leppard and Bon Jovi mix with that of a more Southern tinge. The songs cruise and do so without any pressure. The hits are there as mentioned, but so are quite a few newer songs from the band's reappearance era. Love Can Make You Blind is still very Bon Jovi-esque and Deeper Shade Of Grey begins with a Def Leppard riff, but EMN seems to be in a groove of its own really. Solid Ground is a specially good tune. The CD contains no less than seventy minutes of music which includes two unreleased songs (Hole and Bring Me Down - the latter being a hard one) and a cover version of songs by Lynard Skynard and Alice Cooper each. The band is less Southern rock and more hard rock than advertised by Perris Records and anyone into any of the aforementioned band names should give it a chance. Play loudly! - Ali "The Metallian"


Every Mother's Nightmare