The World Is Hours...Away - 1990 - Metal Blade

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Volcano Dogs, Backlash, Silver Tongued Devil>>ROB TABACHKA>>Volcano Dogs, Backlash, Silver Tongued Devil - Domenic Fusca

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History & Biography
Eviction was a Pennsylvania thrashcore band. The band's monicker was suggested by a friend after the group was threatened with eviction for their loud noise coming from its rehearsal. Struggle With Society was the 1987 demo and Who Will Win? was the 1988 demo. The group's first gig was opening for Half-Life and Nuclear Assault locally. The group also opened for Manowar. The sole record was recorded at Audiomation Studio in Pittsburgh in March 1990. It was supported through a video for the song American Way, which was partly filmed at the reopening of Eide’s Records. Most members had worked at the shop along the way. Roadrunner had also wanted the band a contract, but the provision that the act finds a new singer was something the gang rejected. The band reported that Metal Blade was lying about its sales figures and the relationship ended. The band was active between 1986 (with Porter also handling the bass at the beginning) and 1994. The first split had come in 1991 however. Think Tank was a demo tape in 1993 and the band opened for GBH. The act broke up again and Porter opened a tattoo parlour. Silver Tongued Devil was a Motörhead/Ramones-styled band. Three members tried their hand at a new band called Volcano Dogs.

The traditional reformation happened in 2019. Heaven And Hell Records soon rereleased the sole record. Dan Ford (Leprosy) was on bass. The pandemic killed a reunion gig, but the band played Ed Farshtey's Armageddon Fest. The group ascended the stage at the Metal Immortal Fest 2 in Pennsylvania alongside Sanhedrin, Shadowland and Olathia in 2022. Further activity was limited following a heart attack of Ron Reidell.