Quinquaginta – 2015 - Test Your Metal

G= Adrian Urias
D= Thamuzifer>>RODOLFO ROGERS>>Thamuzifer

The Mexican death metal band was founded in 1999 and has gone through a dozen singers and guitarists since. A demo, called Summoned To War, was released in 2001. One track was called Virgin Blood On Virgin Snow - Part I. Cold Winter Sunset - Part II. She Died Amongst the Howls. Another demo, called Dark In Glory, was released. The 2005 release appeared through the Green Maid imprint and was over fifty minutes long. Storm Of Annihilation was issued in late 2007. In 2015, Test Your Metal Records signed Mexican death metal band Evilheart for the re-release of the 2014 release Quinquaginta demo. The release was out on September 15th. Evilheart would also be supporting the release with a cross Canada tour that would kick off in Montreal on September 15th and go West to wrap up in Vancouver on September 26th. With new vocalist Adam 'Greasy' Benito of Calgary's Train Bigger Monkeys in late 2015 being appointed as Evilheart's new vocalist, the Mexican blackened death metal band announced they would be holding auditions for a new bassist and second guitarist to join them for touring and the creative process and the follow-up release to Quinquaginta, which was re-released on Vancouver-based Test Your Metal Records. Millan and live bassist David Barraza had not been granted Canadian visas. Bass was being handled by Ulises Cuevas (ex-Thamuzifer).

With Canadian vocalist Adam ‘Greasy’ Benito of Calgary’s Train Bigger Monkeys being appointed as Evilheart‘s new singer, the Mexico-based blackened death metal band announced a second cross-Canada tour in 2017 in support of the latest album Quinquaginta, which was re-released in 2015 on Vancouver, Canada-based Test Your Metal Records. Evilheart parted ways with guitarist Adrian Urias following thirteen years of work in early 2018.