Hail Black Metal… Vobiscum Buer – 2016 – Misanthropy Elite
Bellum Est Pater Omnium – 2018 – GrimmDistribution

S= Darkness Almighty, Tormentor 666>>BRANNAGH BAPHEKER>>Darkness Almighty, Tormentor 666
G= Darkness Almighty, Sinestria, Black Nergal>>BRANNAGH BAPHEKER>>Black Nergal, Sinestria, Darkness Almighty
B= Black Nergal>>BRANNAGH BAPHEKER>>Black Nergal

This black metal band came together by Bapheker in 2007, but it was almost a decade before its music was immortalized through the Hail Black Metal… Vobiscum Buer… record of 2016. The man was inactive on hiatus for several years as he had no musicians and was moving. There was a rehearsal CD in 2010, but was distributed to friends locally only.

Nerfal is a Biblical term referring to the fall of Lucifer.


The clearly black metal band-man hails from Colombia and has been practicing his art for over a decade. A quote from Voltaire points to the necessity of devilish possession to practice one's art well. That is confusing for the man does not perform anywhere near optimally. The album begins, and ends, with a Classical piece as the man is inspired and is a fan of Classical music, but all the intro and outro do is highlights the weaker production and unskilled musicianship in the Evil Nerfal. A black metal band by definition has to sing the praises of Satan and songs like Fuck Off Jesus Christ clearly do that; however, much of the album is dominated by instrumental passages signalling the man is more comfortable with his hand-held instruments and suffers from a lack of a full line-up. The riffs are not very good and often the songs are untight, but these are interspersed with respectable moments such as the speed of En Las Fauces Del Demonio (Taedium Daemoni) or a progressive riff on Vestigial (Manifiesto De Misantropía). Main man Brannagh Bapheker really needs to pick up his practice rate and recruit a couple of songwriters before one can cite an improvement in this act. Otherwise, his heart may be in the right place, but the same cannot be said of the music coming out of the speakers at Metallian Towers. - Ali "The Metallian"


Evil Nerfal