Funereus>>Asmodeus>>EVOKEN - USA

Shades Of Night Descending - 1996 - Adipocere
Embrace The Emptiness - 1998 - Elegy
Quietus - 2001 - Avantgarde
Antithesis Of Light - 2005 - Avantgarde
A Caress Of The Void - 2007 - I Hate Records
Atra Mors – 2012 - Profound Lore
Hypnagogia – 2018 - Profound Lore

G= Putrifact, Funereus, Funebrarum >>Nick Orlando - Grim Legion>>JOHN PARADISO>>Grim Legion - Wrath Of Killenstein, Anticosm, Grim Legion>>RANDY CAVANAUGH>>Wrath Of Killenstein, Anticosm, Grim Legion
B= Inner Conflict>>Steve Moran - Incantation, Methadrone, Disciples Of Mockery, Womb>>Craig Pillard>>Womb, Methadrone, Disma – No Restraints, Abazagorath, Funebrarum>>DAVID WAGNER
D= Body Of Christ>>VINCE VERKAY
K= Infester, Abazagorath>>Dario Derna>>Abazagorath - Denny Hahn – Marshmallow Bunnies>>DON ZAROS>>Marshmallow Bunnies

Evoken was formed as early as 1992 and plays doom with keyboards. Under the previous monikers the band releases a promo tape each and similarly so in 1996 and 1997. Shades Of Night Descending Nick Orlando was one of the founding members. Shades Of Night Descending was initially a 1994 self-release which was re-released by Adipocere - whom the band terms a "rip-off." The band signed to Avantgarde for two albums, the first of which - Quietus - saw American release by Dwell Records. The group signed to a new label called I Hate Records in late 2006. The band announced the addition of keyboardist Don Zaros following the release of A Caress Of The Void. The funeral doom band issued a new album, entitled Hypnagogia, through Profound Lore Records in November 2018. Randy Cavanaugh had just joined.


Formed some eight years ago under the Funereus moniker, the Americans embrace the kind of doom better associated with the early nineties. Grandiose and gloomy, Evoken are a little Morgion, a little more Disembowelment and a lot more Winter. Keeping the flag of that particular genre of doom flying, Quietus (the follow up to earlier releases on Adipocere and Elegy Records) dissects death and salutes sadness with its music, lyrics, cover, concept, etc. The appearance of keyboards and other miscellaneous nuisances take away from the overall impact and memorability of this band, but fans of the aforenamed bands can hardly afford to be choosy nowadays. - Ali "The Metallian"