Primal Exhale - 2005 -Sound Riot
Waterlines - 2007 - LMP
High Time - 2010 - LMP
Dream Alive - 2017 - Scarlet
Emotions - 2019 - Scarlet
Once Upon A Time - 2023 - Scarlet

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Slave Of Wisdom>>Jarmo Pääkkönen - Force Majeure, V. Rantanen Ja Teräksen Varjo>>MARCUS LÅNG>>Force Majeure, V. Rantanen Ja Teräksen Varjo

Holy Hell, Unholy>>Kimmo Hänninen - Vesa Nupponen>>5th Element, De Lirium's Order - ALEKSI HIRVONEN

Tero Vaaja - Head In A Jar>>ONNI "HOT NUTZ" HIRVONEN

Social Disease>>HENRI PIRKKALAINEN>>Social Disease


History & Biography
Excalion was formed in Finland by keyboard player Jarmo “Jappe" Myllyvirta in December of the year 2000 and issued a demo called Forlorn only a year later. Singer Jarmo Pkknen had been the last to join. The group's first concert was in the spring of 2001 where the act played originals and covered Stratovarius and instrumental versions of Nightwish tracks. Kimmo Hnninen, who had played together with Jarmo before, joined the band as a second guitarist at this juncture. He would end up leaving in 2005. He would cite his studies and inability to rehearse regularly as the reason. Guitarist Tero Vaaja left the band to perform murder theatre in the Finnish army. He would soon return and switch to bass. It took two years before the group came out with a new recording, Obsession To Prosper. Sound Riot Records of Portugal signed the group in November 2003, which issued the band’s debut in 2005. This album was recorded at Watercastle Studio. With the label’s bankruptcy, the Finns signed to Germany’s Limb Music and issued a second album there in 2007. High Time was also on Limb and was further licensed to Stay Gold for Japan.

The band was out for another contract and it was only 2017 when a new record emerged. Marcus Lång was on vocals. Aleksi Hirvonen was on guitar. Onni "Hot Nutz" Hirvonen was on bass. That was a band with a majority of newcomers. Once upon A Time was supported through a video for the song Soulbound.

The 'Excalion' monicker was chosen at a band meeting where the members wanted to choose a name, Timo mispronounced the name of a purported nobleman or legend ('Excalibur') and the name was chosen and stuck.


Very little chance of mistaking the origins or influences of Excalion, The Wingman’s first 10 seconds provides ample evidence what the band is about. The Finnish quintet is melodic metal of the Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, and the multitude of German usual suspects mold. Jarmo Pääkkönen does the screams and does the clean vocals as well as most and the other members, including keyboardist Jarmo Myllyvirta, do what many others have done before them, therefore originality is not what is to be found on the driving riffs of Life On Fire or the melodic I Failed You. The songs are sometimes helped along by their catchiness and sometimes just ineffective with forced riffs and unnecessary keyboards. This 48 minute plus sophomore effort will endear Excalion to the fans of the genre but is another to add the list for those expecting more than the repetitious melody and predictable song structure. Look out for the included video clip for Losing Time. - Anna Tergel