Angels To Some, Demons To Others - 2007 - Twilight
[t]horns - 2009 - Non Stop
Life Of Immortality '87 - 2012 - The Ritual
[g]host - 2014 – Auric
[c]rust – 2016 - WormHoleDeath

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Jose Venegas - Crucifiction>>MARC BOSSHART - George Hauser>>Piranha, 2Black – Bestial Torment, Forgotten Chaos>>Hannes Reitze>>Forgotten Chaos – 2Black, Piranha>>GEORGE HAUSER>>Piranha

Mick - Public Code>>D.D. LOWINGER


History & Biography
José Venegas and Mat Arani formed the band in Zurich in 1984. Marcel Bosshart and D.D. Lowinge soon joined them. With the entry of Eugenio Meccariello the band recorded a demo called The Fourth Apocalyptic Rider which was not officially released. Later that year Mat was replaced by Andreas Renggli (ex-Necromancer) and the band recorded the First Assault Demo. The line-up entered the DNS Studio to record the Last Judgment Mini LP in 1986 which was later released by Chainsaw Murder Records and marketed by We Bite Records. Jose left the band at this juncture, but gigging continued unabated.

The band was joined by George Hauser following the release of Prophecy Of Immortality and Abyss Of Time demos. In 1991 Anno Domini - An Anthology Of The Past, a collection of the band's recordings, was released through Turbo International in Europe and through JL America in the USA. The band had planned to record a new album in the USA at this juncture, but instead with inter-band relationships going sour Excruciation would call it a day in 1991.

The band resumed its activities in 2005, however, and soon issued an EP called Arise. A new album was planned for 2006. The band’s own Non Stop Music issued an album, called Angels To Some Demons To Others, by the reformed '90s band in early 2007. The band replaced guitarist George with new man Hannes in early 2008. George was not happy with the band’s direction.

The Swiss death/doom band signed a worldwide deal with Wormholedeath/Aural Music in 2015 for the release of its upcoming album [c]rust that would be produced by Wahoomi Corvi and would be released during 2016. The band would enter the studio on August the 17th 2015 and was busy with song writing. [c]rust was to be released in collaboration with the bands own label Auric Records. Twenty Four Hours was a 2015 demo. A single called Lutheran Psalms was issued by WormHoleDeath in 2016. The label soon issued the [c]rust full-length. Several split releases with the likes of Babylon Asleep followed. Auric records issued a compilation called [e]met in 2019. Guitarist George Hauser had re-joined in 2018. He was heard on the 2021 single, Repent, Sinners!. Premature Darkness of 2022 was a demo compilation by the band.