Last Generation>>EXECUTIONER - USA

In The Name Of Metal - 1986 - New Renaissance
Break The Silence - 1987 - New Renaissance
The Storm After The Calm - 2000 - Independent/Wicked Loud

Executioner image
S= MARC JOHNSON - Ari Vianio
B= Seth Putnam>>Cuntsaw, Vaginal Jesus, A.C., Siege, Nightstick, Person Killer, Insult, Full Blown A.I.D.S., Eyehategod,Impaled Northern Moonforest, Upsidedown Cross, You're Fired, Angry Hate, Adolf Satan - Ari Vianio - TOMMY FLYNN

This thrash metal act was formed in Boston in 1984. The band's Victims Of Evil song appeared on the New Renaissance LP sampler Speed Metal Hell and the band signed to the California label. Vianio and Johnson shared vocals on the debut, In The Name Of Metal. The band began touring, which was cut short after Vianio broke his hand. Vianio left the band and was replaced by Putnam - he of Anal Cunt later.

Break The Silence followed. This time the band opened for international acts like VoiVod, Kreator and The Accüsed. Putnam now left and, with Flynn onboard, the band recorded In Cold Blood. Sadly, the band disbanded and the record was shelved for ten years until its release in 2000 as The Storm After The Calm. A few live-in-the-studio tracks were added.

In The Name Of Metal/Break The Silence were rereleased on one CD in the spring of 2004. Issued by the band, the edition was limited to 500 copies. Putnam died in 2011.