Seas Of Eternal Silence - 1997 - EMZ/Diehard
Dance Across The Past - 1998 - Holy
Traumaticon - 2000 - Holy

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PANAGIOTIS GIATZOGLOU - MARIOS ILIOPOULOS>>Nightrage, The Forsaken, Firewind, Metal Against Coronavirus



Thomas Bairachtaris>>Evade, Opertum, Homo Iratus

History & Biography
Death metal band Exhumation was formed in 1990 by singer/bassist Nokteridis and guitarist Giatzoglou. The Rebirth demo appeared in November of the very same year.

They disbanded then so the line-up can attend the military. A new line-up released the Deepest Side Of Fear demo in 1994. The band obtained a contract with Emanzipation Records and recorded at Unisound in Sweden. Since Diehard was moving into a hardcore direction, Exhumation was later released from the fold. A second album was recorded at Studio Fredman and released through Holy Records. Dance Across The Past featured several guest appearances notably Jesper Strombald of In Flames among others. The keyboards on the album were played by producer Fredman as Thomas had to spend time... in the Greek military! The end came in the year 2000.

The band can also heard on Black Sun's Tribute To Sepultura CD.

Iliopoulos would maintain his connections with Studio Fredman owner Fredrik Nordstrom by first introducing guitarist Gus G. to him and later recording at the said studio with his new band Nightrage. The band was on a demo compilation with bands like Medieval Death and Danger Cross in 2015. It was called Long Live The Past: The Demo Collection.


Greece, land of Souvlaki and ancient gods; the land of philosophy and boring black metal bands. Based out of Greece comes this five-piece death metal band which having formed in 1990 has finally garnered a deal in Denmark and has now released its album. Seeing that my review will be largely critical and to an extent negative, I will get the positives out of the way. Based on a sound akin to the rawness of early Pestilence or Asphyx, the Greeks have an album that is adorned with a decorous cover and classy title. The basics are there. But to address my earlier negativities, I will filter myself through the band’s biography. "...the most promising... skilled death metal band from Greece" - most would agree that this doesn't say much, if anything! How many death metal bands from Greece do you know? Let alone good ones! "a keyboard player who makes the music progressive, technical."- not only is the music very basic and absolutely not technical, the addition of mere keyboard fillers to the music are not enough to make the music progressive! "sound is top quality recorded with Dan Swano" Unfortunately the sound falls somewhere between weak and fair. Not only am I not convinced that Swano was ever a good sound engineer, but also this is not one of his stronger works "World class..could become really big" - Again the bio exaggerates to the point of lunacy. Come on guys, this is just another standard release which employs trendy keyboards and does nothing to rescue Greece's reputation for cheesy bands with little future. Had to be said. - Ali "The Metallian"