Gore Metal - 1998 - Relapse
Slaughtercult - 2000 - Relapse
Anatomy Is Destiny - 2003 - Relapse
All Guts, No Glory - 2011 - Relapse
Necrocacy - 2013 - Relapse
Death Revenge – 2017 - Relapse
Horror – 2019 - Relapse
To The Dead – 2022 - Relapse

Exhumed image
S= Mark Smith - Ross Sublelt>>Impaled - Dekapitator, Repulsion, Gruesome, Expulsion, Pounder, Left To Die, Solo>>MATT HARVEY>>Dekapitator, Gruesome, Expulsion, Pounder, Left To Die, Solo

G= Derrel Houdashelt - Morbosidad, Dekapitator, Intronaut>>Leon Del Muerte>>Impaled, Intronaut - Burial>>Mike Beams>>Repulsion - Morbosidad, Dekapitator, Impaled>>Leon Del Muerte - Burial, Repulsion>>Mike Beams>>Repulsion - Fatalist, Uphill Battle>>Wes Caley - Dekapitator, Gruesome, Expulsion, Pounder, Left to Die, Solo>>MATT HARVEY>>Dekapitator, Gruesome, Expulsion, Pounder, Left to Die, Solo – Necropsy, Noisem, Castle Freak, End Reign>>SEBASTIAN PHILLIPS>>Noisem, Castle Freak, End Reign

B= Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Dawning>>Bud Burke>>Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Pale Existence - Cadaverizer, Impaled, Exodus, Repulsion, Scarecrow, Solo>>Matt Harvey>>Cadaverizer, Exodus, Repulsion, Scarecrow, Cretin, Gravehill, Solo - Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Dawning>>Bud Burke - Impaled, Dekapitator, Intronaut>>Leon Del Muerte - Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Dawning, Pale Existence>>Bud Burke>>Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Dawning, Pale Existence – Impaled, Ghoul>>ROSS SEWAGE [ROSS SUBLETT]>>Impaled, Ghoul

D= Cadaverizer>>Col Jones>>Cadaverizer, Cretin, Repulsion - Recondite, Fuck The Facts, Experiment In Terror>>Matt Connell - Dekapitator, Cretin, Repulsion>>Col Jones - Phobia, Uphill Battle, Intronaut>>Danny Walker>>Intronaut, Expulsion - Vile, Deeds Of Flesh, Curiosity Killed The Cop>>MIKE HAMILTON>>Deeds Of Flesh, Curiosity Killed The Cop

History & Biography
Even to those who have never heard of the band the titles here must make clear what Exhumed is about. Exhumed take their Carcass influences and add not-all-too-serious ideas and grab (or in this case the label does) peoples' money. When asked what the band would do differently in an interview, Matt Harvey's answer was simple: "going back and writing some decent songs..." This mob was formed in 1991 and released a 7" called Excreting Innards for After World Records. This was followed by Goreguts. Then came Grotesque Putrefied Brains (the demo not the condition). More band news followed as the band developed Cadaveric Splatter Platter! The band played the Grind Over Europe II in 1997 following the split-CD with Hemdale called In Gore We Trust on Visceral Productions and the US Contamination tour also featured Nasum, Soilent Green and Today Is The Day. Matt Harvey, who also worked at Necropolis Records, oddly had a running dispute with his ex-band members and Necropolis signees Impaled! Anatomy Is Destiny was issued in the summer of 2003 and quickly banned by German Distributor due to pressure from a governmental ratings group which deemed the inside photographs as too explicit. Exhumed toured with Cephalic Carnage in Europe and Kataklysm in America. Matt Harvey briefly replaced Zetro as the frontman for Exodus for a live date in 2004. He also joined Repulsion. Later in 2004 the band announced its next album to be a covers CD entitled Regurgitated Requiems: Garbage Daze Re-Regurgitated. The band also announced the re-entrance of Leon Del Muerte to the rank. Following the departure of guitarist Mike Beams a new guitarist called Wes Caley (ex-Uphill Battle) was recruited. The band issued a covers’ disc in 2010 called Parasit Bastard. It featured cover versions of Possessed, Sodom, Madonna and other bands’ music. The band would claim that EP was a bootleg. Exhumed was at Arcane Digital Recording in Arizona in late 2010 with engineer Ryan Butler (Misery Index, etc.) recording its first full-length album since 2003's Anatomy Is Destiny. All Guts, No Glory was scheduled for a spring 2011 release through Relapse Records. Macabre, Exhumed, Cephalic Carnage and Withered were touring the USA that summer. Following a cancelled South American run with Aborted, the Grind Over Europe Tour with Rotten Sound and Magrudergrind, a U.K. journey with Anaal Nathrakh and a handful of stateside headlining dates, California goregrind band Exhumed announced a near month-long bout of U.S. dates with Cannibal Corpse beginning late April of 2012. Exhumed was part of 2012’s edition of the Summer Slaughter Tour. This run would mark the return of former bassist Bud Burke, who would take the place of Wes Caley on guitar. The latter man was booted from the band following a run of Canadian shows. Burke’s other talent was vomiting on stage as if on will for the pleasure of the audience. Exhumed, would add to their live agenda a string of Japanese tour dates alongside Cannibal Corpse. The shows kicked off on October 15th, 2012 in Tokyo and would serve as a warm-up to the band’s recently announced five-week North American Tour with Napalm Death and Municipal Waste with additional support from Vektor, Dayglo Abortions, Attitude Adjustment, Speedwolf, Martha Splatterhead’s Revenge, Repulsion and Dwarves on select dates.

The band released a new album, Necrocacy, through Relapse Records in North America on August 6, 2013. Mike Hamilton was now on drums. After re-signing with Relapse Dying Fetus has also booked a North American tour this autumn with Exhumed and Devourment. In the autumn of 2013 Tankcrimes announced the release of a split 12" between California's Exhumed and Virginia crossover band Iron Reagan. The split would offer up a total of eight tracks, two of which find Exhumed delivering covers of Minor Threat's Seeing Red and Negative Approach's Ready To Fight. The band was touring alongside Dying Fetus, and Iron Reagan, including a short run of shows in Canada in December. Exhumed returned to the studio almost two decades later to re-record its debut full-length, Gore Metal. The resulting Gore Metal: A Necrospective 1998 - 2015 was set for release in February through Relapse Records. The band was touring with Napalm Death and Voivod. In early 2015, Exhumed was touring North America supporting co-headliners Napalm Death and Voivod. Original bassist/vocalist Ross Sewage performed five special shows with the band as well. Exhumed was at the studio in April and May 2017 to record a new studio album as the follow-up to 2013’s Necrocracy. Entitled Death Revenge, the new album was out in late 2017 through Relapse Records. Matt Harvey joined yet another project as of 2016. It was called pounder and had a single in 2018. The band had a new album, called Horror, through Relapse Records in October 2019. Worming was a single in 2021.

Exhumed had an album called To The Dead through Relapse Records in October 2022. There was a video for the song Drained Of Color. The band was touring the USA with Hulder and Vitriol and later with Molder and Castrator that autumn. The group was booked to tour Japan in July 2023. Cavalera was conducting the Morbid Devastation tour in the autumn of 2023 with Incite and Exhumed opening.