Labyrinths Of Horror - 1995 - Euphonious
Dejected In Obscurity - 1998 - Euphonious
Berzerker Legions - 2001 - M.A.B./Hammerheart
Pestilence Empire - 2002 - Osmose
Nihilistic Contentment - 2004 - Earache
Funeral Phantom - 2008 - Mighty

Exmortem image
Soren Lønne>>Panzerchrist - Horned Almighty, Lustration, Tronraner>>SIMON PETERSEN>>Horned Almighty, Lustration, Tronraner, Temple Of Scorn

Henrik Kolle - Mordulv, Illdisposed>>SIGTYR [MARTIN THIM]>>Mordulv, Illdisposed - Phrenetic, Ad Noctum, Hellsermon, >>ANDREAS SCHUBERT>>Ad Noctum, Hellsermon, Hell's Domain

Mads Weng - Soren Lonne - Ad Noctum, Hellsermon, Mareridt>>Andreas Schubert>>Ad Noctum, Hellsermon, Mareridt - Koldborn, Frozen Sun, Horned Almighty>>KIM NIELSEN>>Horned Almighty

Mike Nielsen>>Fusskalt - Frozen Sun, Panzerchrist>>Reno Killerich>>Frozen Sun, Panzerchrist, Killswitch, 12 Gauge, Kobeast, Dimmu Borgir, Hate Eternal - Ad Noctum>>Michael Pedersen>>Ad Noctum, Mareridt, Mordulv, Hellsermon, Panzerchrist – Azalon, Black Dementia, Downlord>>MORTEN SIERSBÆK>>Black Dementia, Downlord, Spectral Mortuary

History & Biography
Exmortem was born in Århus, Denmark in 1992 as Mordor. The first demo Souls Of Purity featured Soren Lonne (v), Henrik Kolle (g), Mads Weng (b) and Mike Nielsen on drums. The band appeared on the Fuck You We're From Denmark 2 compilation. Lonne replaced Weng on bass, and the band entered Borsing Recordings Studio to record for Euphonious. The band also released a split 7" with Impending Doom. Sensing the world was riddled with one too many Mordors (Canada, Poland, etc.) the band changed its name to Exmortem. After the recording Thim/Sigtyr was added to the line up. Sigtyr had joined the band just prior to the debut's release. Now a quartet the band did the rounds with Konkhra, Dismember and Illdisposed. In autumn of 1997 the band returned to Borsing and recorded another album for Euphonious. Album number three meant both a new line up and label for the death metallers. The band's relationship with Hammerheart soon deteriorated and the label dropped the band. The band claimed financial problems with the label. They soon found a home with Osmose Productions. Album number four was released through Osmose Productions in November of 2002. It featured artwork by guitarist Sigtyr. The band's line-up now comprised of singer Simon, guitarist Sigtyr, bassist Andreas and drummer Michael. The latter two appeared first on Pestilence Empire. The band would tour Europe with Necrophagia in the beginning of 2000. The band was quiet until late in 2003 when several releases appeared the pipeline. Sigtyr-owned Pestifier Records was releasing the Pest Campaign 2003 MCD. Osmose was releasing a 10" by the same name, Ancient Darkness Productions was releasing a 7" called Killstorms and the band was working on a video and full-length.

In a surprise announcement, the band left the Osmose fold in the spring of 2004 after just one album. Very soon the band had a deal with Earache Records and was rejoined by Reno Killerich. Again, and following one album, the band and label - this time Earache - parted ways in 2006. The group signed a two-album deal with Mighty Music in late 2007. The band’s Funeral Phantom (mixed by Jacob Bredahl) was to be released on October 20th, 2008 through Mighty Music.

Danish death metal band Exmortem threw in the towel in July of 2010. According to guitarist Martin Thim the band had simply lost its motivation to continue.


The easy way to describing music is by comparing one band to another. Now, we at Metallian Towers never like to take the easy route... nah, forget that! While valid and correct comparisons can be drawn between Exmortem and early Morgoth and Mercyless during the slower moments, this band is more similar to Monstrosity. The vocals, guitars and especially the drums are reminiscent of Monstrosity's Imperial Doom album. The drum breaks, which shift from chopping blows to the kit to tom-heavy changes, are inspired by Monstroiuty's Lee. Exmortem was once active as Mordor and remains purely death metal and little else. That is to note that followers of hyped bands like Cradle of hype and Machine Head will deem these guys too 'old school'. For the rest who know better and support death metal this album is ideal for cranking up. - Ali "The Metallian"

Pick up Exmortem's new album when the longing for real metal gnaws inside. The Danish quartet calls its fourth album (first on Osmose Productions) Pestilence Empire and they mean it. This simply sets out to brutalize, maim and destroy and these songs do just that. There are no frills, no hesitation and no will to be acceptable to the trendy magatisements on this bottom-heavy and solid album. It is pure death metal from beginning to end and that makes both the band and the reviewer proud. - Ali "The Metallian"

It is odd saying this, because I did not know what to expect from this album before hearing it, but Nihilistic Contentment is what I expected from this Danish death metal band after all. The band has put together some really fast material to go with the bulldozing riffing. The vocals are either growled or shouted, the drumming is in a hurry and while the music is hardly complex the playing is technically proficient. The tightness and ambience amidst the carnage is laudatory.
Exmortem has been on and off a few labels recently and seen the departure and return of members too so let us hope that the Danes have a more stable immediate future before them. There is enough extremity in the music to warrant continued output despite the circumstances - ha! - Anna Tergel