I Am God - 2014 - GoldenCore

S= Raven Lord, Sardonyx, Emergency Warpdrive, Killing Machine, Dio Messiah, Tower Of Babel>>CSABA ZVEKAN>>Killing Machine, Raven Lord, Dio Messiah, Tower Of Babel
G= Raven Lord, HolyHell, Solo>>Joe Stump>>Raven Lord, HolyHell, Solo, Shooting Hemlock
B= Solo, Raven Lord>>Lucio Manca>>Solo, Raven Lord, Vital Science
D= Achillea, Joe Lynn Turner>>Garry King>>Achillea, Joe Lynn Turner, Raven Lord

Exorcism is a multinational doom metal band founded by Csaba Zvekan who is also associated with Raven Lord. The band was formed in 2006. A demo called End Of Days was issued in 2007. In late 2013, the group signed a record deal with Golden Core Records/ZYX Music. The group was recording at TMS Studios in Spain. The band planned to release its debut album in the coming spring. Exorcism would release its album, I Am God, on April 25th, 2014 through GoldenCore Records/ZYX Music. World In Sin was a 2015 EP courtesy of Dream Records. George Karafotis became the drummer in 2017. His brother Vaggelis Karafotis became the drummer in the same year.