Carnival Of Souls - 1994 - Tessa
A Thousand Dreams Ago - 1995 - Tessa/Black Mark
Beyond The Depths Of Hate – 2014 - Vic

G= Ambush, Nation>>Flip Boonen - Wilek Bierens - JORRIT WOUTERS
B= Faal>>Victor Van Der Steen>>Faal, Akelei – Absynthium, Emeth, Casualty>>KEVIN SCHUTTERS
D= Didier Mertens – Pathology, Aura, Exterminator>>Molly Molemans>>Pathology, Aura, Exterminator – Infernal legion, Fallout, Carnation, The Reckoning>>MORBID TPA [JURGEN STERCKX]>>Fallout, The Reckoning

Exoto was formed in 1989 and released a live demo called Waiting For The Maggots in the same year. The year after came the And Then You Die demo and was chosen as the demo of the month in Aardschock magazine. This demo reportedly shipped 1,600 copies. The Fifth Season demo followed the year after and again reached the top of the heap in Aardschock. Wim Baelus, a writer for the magazine, took two of the songs and released a 7" on his label Midian Creations called Ashes. In this period Exoto toured with the likes of Morbid Angel, Dead Head, Grave and Annihilator. 1993's Final Discorporation was a new tape featuring live songs and the And Then You Die material. The band signed to the Belgian Tessa Records and released Carnival Of Souls. The band lost drummer Didier Mertens in a car accident and released the tape Tribute To Didier in his honour. The band's second album was licensed from Tessa by Black Mark and released on both sides of the Atlantic. The band split up in 1996 only to return for a year in 2013. Then it reformed again with four new members in 2016, but without Victor Van Der Steen. Vic put together the early demos as And Then You Die/The Fifth Season compilation in 2016. Morbid Tpa joined on drums in 2017. Absolution In Death was the name of an EP issued in 2019. Guitarist Raymond Daniëls joined in 2020.