The Seven Deadly Sins - 1994 - Last World
Vomiting The Trinity - 2007 - Open Grave

S= Amerced, Force Fed Flesh>>PAUL FOLK>>Amerced, Force Fed Flesh
G= Amerced, Bittered, Police State, The Human Race Is Filth>>PAUL FOLK>>Amerced, Bittered, Police State, The Human Race Is Filth - Mike Asherfetter
B= Amerced, Bloodbourne>>John Pagayoya>>Amerced, Bloodbourne - Eternal Ruin>>Ryan Engle
D= Amerced, Bloodbourne>>JOHN MACHIN>>Amerced, Bloodbourne

Exterminance was a US death metal act from Maryland. The band was formed in 1990 and had two demos a year later called Reign Of Darkness and Descending, Decomposing And Dead. Another demo was called Hatred Knows No Discrimination. Yet another and earlier one was called Environmental Execution. At this juncture, the band referred to itself as Appalachian Core in order to set itself apart from the many death or grindcore bands.

The group reformed in 2006 with Andy Goff on guitar. Open Grave Records reissued the band’s sole album. The label also announced a split-CD with Sapremia and the band on a Johnny Cash tribute disc. The group announced next that Ryan Engle was the new bassist. He was the founder and bassist of Eternal Ruin and played with founding member Paul Folk in Last Rites. Dale Erdmanwas an additional singer for the band. The band’s Vomiting The Trinity CD was to be released July 17th, 2007 through Open Grave Records Worldwide. The album featured several older songs that were remastered. Engle died in 2010. A free demo, called Entity Of Eternity, was made available in 2008. The Loss was a 2016 demo.