Faithkiller – 2016 – Good Fight
Decimation Treaty – 2018 - Good Fight
Culture Of Violence – 2022 – Unique Leader

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Soldiers, This Is Hell>>RICK JIMENEZ>>This Is Hell

Detriment>>IAN CIMAGLIA>>Detriment - This Is Hell>>RICK JIMENEZ>>This Is Hell - This Is Hell>>Christian Beale>>This Is Hell

This Is Hell>>Pieter Van Den Berg>>This Is Hell – TOM WOOD

This Is Hell, Light The Torch, Unearth>>MIKE SCIULARA>>This Is Hell, Light The Torch, Unearth

History & Biography
The crossover band came together in 2013 and issued a demo called Extinction A.D. Good Fight Music issued an EP called Plague Prophecy in 2014. The debut full-length came in 2016. NWOBHM band Raven was touring North America with Extinction A.D. and Mobile Deathcamp in late 2018. The band reported it was recording a new album. Undead Residents was a 2020 EP that was actually the band’s very first recordings. A 2020 covers’ EP was called It’s About Time That We Had A Change. Unique Leader issued an EP called CCCP in late 2021. Exhorder, Plague Years, Take Offense and Extinction A.D. toured the USA in November and December 2021. Cattle Decapitation, The Last Ten Seconds Of Life, Creeping Death and Extinction A.D. were touring the USA in January and February 2022. The act switched to Unique Leader for its third album. Ruthless Intent was a 2024 EP. The band was playing at RPM Fest and playing several gigs in Canada and the USA in the spring of 2024.

The members are also in This Is Hell.



Extinction A.D.