Tension At The Seams - 1993 - Rosemary's Baby
The Positive Pressure (Of Injustice) - 1995 - Flying
Better Mad Than Dead - 2001 - Seven
Set The World On Fire - 2005 - V2
Raisin' Hell With Friends - 2007 - Scarlet
Pound For Pound - 2009 - Scarlet
The Seed Of Foolishness - 2013 - Fuel
Headbanging Forever – 2019 - Rockshots


S= Allhelluja, Rebel Devil>>Gianluca Perotti>>Allhelluja, Rebel Devil - TIZIANO SPIGNO
G= Killdozer>>Andrea Boria - Killdozer, Allhelluja>>TOMMY MASSARA>>Allhelluja - Giolio Loglio
B= Alex Ghilardotti - Megatherion>>Mattia Bigi>>Megatherion - Distorted Violence, Fuzz Fuzz Machine>>GABRI GIOVANNA>>Fuzz Fuzz Machine
D= Chris Dalla Pellegrina>>Negrita - Censura, Beer Bong>>Paolo Crimi – Denial, Malombra, Janvs, Mastercastle, Ultra-Violence, Athlantis>>FRANCESCO “FRULLO” LA ROSA>>Denial, Ultra-Violence


Formed in Milan in 1986 and garnering a reputation in Italy, Extrema managed to open for Slayer in Italy during the Reign In Blood tour. The independent We Fuckin' Care EP came in 1988 and the band changed a guitarist and a bassist. Several demos, called Demo 89, Promo 89 and Demo '91, followed. The band opened for bands like Metallica and Suicidal Tendencies and won the title of 'The best Italian Metal band' in several magazines. An EP called Proud, Powerful 'N' Alive was issued in 1993. Loglio left just prior to The Positive Pressure. The Money Talks promo was released in 1995 and a single called Mollami appeared as late as 1996. The band issued a couple of singers before making a comeback with a new album in 2001. A compilation called And The Best Has Yet To Come intervened in 2003 before 2005's Set The World On Fire. The band shot a video for the song Nature. Pellegrina decamped in the same year. Scarlet Records issued Extrema’s Murder Tunes & Broken Bones - 20 Years Anniversary DVD in mid-2007. The band issued a DVD called Murder Tunes & Broken Bones - 20 Years Anniversary in 2007 and also issued its entire back catalogue through Scarlet Records. The band was confirmed as the support act for the European tour of Bay Area’s Death Angel in 2008. The tour would coincide with the reissue, on Scarlet Records, of the band’s back-catalogue. The band finally completed the recording process of a new album, Pound For Pound, which was set to be released in May of 2009 on Scarlet Records. It contained a cover version of another band’s song namely Kiss’ Deuce. Extrema permanently recruited bassist Gabri Giovanna (of Fuzz Fuzz Machine) replacing Mattia Bigi in mid-2010. The new man had filled in during Extrema's last summer tour. Drummer Paolo Crimi left in the spring of 2014 after nine years on the stool and was replaced by Francesco "Frullo" La Rosa. The popular'personal reasons' was given as the cause. Rockshots signed the band and issued an album called Headbanging Forever for the act that year. The band’s frontman was Tiziano Spigno.