Amaymon>>EZURATE - USA

Infernal Domination - 2000 - Forever Underground
Blasphemous Heirarchy - 2007 - Rotting Corpse
Eve Of Desecration - 2010 - Rotting Corpse

Ezurate image
S= Laid To Rest, Bloodthrone, Impious>>Holocausto Inferni [Rod Leffew]>>Impious


B= Lord Wraith


History & Biography
Born in 1994 - with one year being spent as Amaymon - in Lemont and Palatine in the suburbs and later moving to Chicago these Satanic fiends practise black metal with purity. The band might as well be Swedish given how many members have come and gone. Sir Marbas Daemoneus Hellstorm, Blackthorn and Ben "Count Nocturon" Maiben were the band’s founders. Two demos were issued. Inferni joined at the end of 2002. Eve of Desecration was recorded in 2008. The band was signed to Rotting Corpse in 2007. Lord Wraith left the band in 2009. Holocausto Inferni left in 2015. After years of silence a demo called Summon Thy Legions appeared in 2021.

Demos 1995 & 1997 was a 2022 compilation. It was a 2-LP release. The band was also working with a Brazilian concern for a digipak. Sporadic live work continued.


USBM, or US black metal bands, have typically not received a good rap. Where there have been good American black metal bands they have typically only been compared favourably to the European, typically Scandinavian, counterparts. The notion is that the Americans cannot stand up to the cross-Atlantic competition. While that might have been true recently (since in the previous decades bands like Morbid Angel, Deicide, Possessed et al have been trailblazers) insofar as originality is concerned in the present, in the power arena, US bands have nothing to fear from the European completion. Originality sweepstakes is something else of course, but here at Metallian Towers originality may not trump remaining true to metal.
So, what do we have? A low-profile black metal band with rage. This band is utterly serious about its art. The vocalist, Holocausto Inferni, rages as he croaks Immortal style. The drummer pummels his way through the songs. The band’s superlative guitars blaspheme at screeching high noise levels taking the bands at times to the realm of early and late Impaled Nazarene (let’s forget the Motörhead detours) and at other show more subtlety and hint, only hint, at Dissection. The album contains a couple of interludes and distorted bass. There is no shortage of real brutality or sacrilegious lyricism on Eve Of Desecration. The only criticism one could level at the band would be the songs’ endings fading out on alternate tracks for some unknown reason. Mimicking pop songs is rarely a good idea.
Favourite tracks: Destroying Divinity and Metamorphosis Of A Lycan. - Ali “The Metallian”