Horizon's Fall - 1999 - Shiver
Where Angels Dwell No More - 2001 - LSP

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Leviatan, Northcrown>>JUSSI RANTA>>Leviatan, Northcrown

CastInStone>>Kai Lehtinen>>CastInStone, Bloodthirst, Northcrown, Forever Winter, Deathspawned Destroyer - Hevirojekti, Forever Winter>>TUOMAS MURTOJARVI>>Forever Winter, Drown Syndrome, Deathspawned Destroyer

Forever Winter, Castinstone>>PETRI MOISIO>>Forever Winter, Castinstone, Deathspawned Destroyer

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Leviatan>>JUSSI RANTA>>Leviatan

History & Biography
Faerghail released two demo tapes, In Dreamful Supremacy ('95) and Dark Oceans Calm ('96), before recording the debut album in 1997. The latter tape was given a release by Dark Moon Productions. Shiver released the album after a two-year delay. Tomi left in the spring of 2000. The Blood Will Follow Blood MCD was released in 2000. New drummer Olli Pirkkanen joined in 2004. A demo called Death Whispers Misery emerged in late 2006.

Three members had been in Deathspawned Destroyer.


This isn't my style. So why am I reviewing it? Because A) The Underground Review never shies away from a bad review. That's what makes this newsletter worth it. B)I like Shiver Records, and wouldn't mind giving them any publicity possible. Not only the Belgian label is a true underground entity, but also it has survived the peak years of the underground, the early 90's, while other labels have long folded. But most importantly C) I need to point out a joyous fact: the trendy posing of K&F is dying. And that can only mean the triumph of metal - again! I knew something's finally up when meister poseurs My Dying whatever (probably my dying sales) kicked out a violinist here, a cow there. Then news comes that Behemoth has abandoned the female belcher and their keyboards on the new album. Infernal L.. of Belgium, a small underground band, have fired their keyboardist and are going for a metal sound. And bottom of the barrel: Moonspell has announced that their new album will not feature past gothic excesses and have a 'harsher' sound, etc etc. And now may I quote from the Shiver bio? '(Faerghail's)...addition of some keyboards and female vocals (however restricted to the ultimate minimum...)' Now even the labels are noticing the reversal of the defiling trend. K&F is passé, dead; yesterday's news. The fifth legion is dead. Long live heavy metal! - Ali "The Metallian"

Finland has turned to crap. The country is one cesspool of vomit and detritus. Turkey's heavy metal scene is more advanced than this sorry excuse for a 'metal' scene. Here it comes: another sad band, thrashy (all puns 100% intended) simple riffs sequestered out of shame under a blanket of keyboards, recorded with a drum machine for the most part, complete with wussy short hair and all. 'I am the lord of lies you shall get no crown,' sings the band for its listeners possibly remarking its own brand of pop rock. This dismal European kerrap with keyboards is as old and cheap as the band's Hotmail address. - Ali "The Metallian"