Cosmicnations – 2014 – Black-Listed

Fairy Mirror image
G= Kaizer>>KOICHI MEGURO>>Kaizer – First Crime>>MORI DOMAE>>First Crime
D= First Crime, Windzor>>KAZ [KAZUYOSHI KEHO]>>First Crime, Windzor

Hard rockers Fairy Mirror came together centring around guitarist Koichi in Osaka, Japan in 1995 and were heard through The First Chapter demo of 1999. The line-up was Kitamae Saeko on vocals, Mori and Koichi on guitar, Mariko on bass and drummer Yuki. Two tracks were added to the prequel and The First Chapter Plus was issued in 2000. The band had its own imprint, called Miracle Whoracle, and issued The Second Chapter in 2000. Saeko went on to her solo career and Germany. Bassist Mari would help with the artwork for Saeko’s 2021 album. Flash Back was out in 2001 and marked singer Miyako’s debut. The group had Galneryus open for it. Yet another demo was 2003’s Eternal Fortress. Miyako was on vocals and Kaz on drums. Kaz left, but returned in 2011. 2005 brought a demo called Silence… This was packaged with a DVD. Amber Moon was a 2009 billed a as tenth anniversary release. It was taped in Osaka. It was ironic that the band’s debut album, 2014’s Cosmicnations, was the band’s last sign of life. Juno was on vocals. Bassist Mari had left in 2013, but returned in 2019. There were several, but sporadic shows during this period.



Fairy Mirror