Perversions Of Angel VI - 2008 - Massacre

S= Die>>SIMON PEDERSEN>>Die, DownPitch
G= Delirium Tremens>>MICHAEL ALM>>Svartsot - MORTEN ODGAARD
D= Danni Lyse Jelsgaard>>Illnath, Blackhorned, Akoma, Dreadlord, Poisoned Leaves, Svartstot, Satanic Assault Division, Fall Of Pantheon, Impalers, Vanir, Sylvatica

Fairytale Abuse was formed in 1995 and has issued a series of demos since then. Many drummers and keyboardists have come and gone. The first demo was 1995’s Obscured Fairytales, which was followed by Forgotten Summers. A self-titled demo in 1998 lead to a sampler of all previous recording before a new demo called Catharsis showed up in 2001. With no label forthcoming, the band issued another demo called The Spirit Tower in 2004. The Colombian label, Hateworks, distributed this disc in 2005. Following another CD in 2005, the band obtained a deal with Massacre Records and finally had an album in 2008. This album was actually recorded independently earlier. Blistering Records distributed this album in the USA. Bassist Morten Lykke Andersen had joined the band in 2008. Illnath recruited drummer Danni Lyse Jelsgaard of Fairytale Abuse in 2008 in advance of the release of its Three Nights In The Sewers Of Sodom. The drummer has joined only a year ago. Marcelo Freitas of Requiem Laus, Svartsot replaced him. The band threw in the towel in 2011. Jelsgaard has been signing up for a new band at the rate of one a fortnight.

Die is a gore metal band formed in 2005. The band was formed in Sønderborg in Southern Denmark before moving to Århus further north. It had a US deal offer at one point, but the label self-destructed before anything could happen.


There is something rotten in the kingdom of Denmark! If truth in advertising has a leader, its name is Fairytale Abuse. Fairytales can be beautiful works of art and part of the annals of literature and history and the Danish lot certainly does abuse the genre with its weak and wimpy attempt at music, never mind metal. Awash in keyboards and adrift in a sea of Cradle Of Filth and Illnath influence these abusers believe their knack to be something original. The album’s concept revolves around the perversions of said angel, but to call this black metal is certainly a stretch. Also, idiotically silly is thinking that this is anything but a sped-up version of Aqua and Duran Duran with all the synthesized whitewash rollicking across this album. There is a moment towards the album’s end where the band rips off Satyricon instead of its Mickey Mouse idols, but outside the usual dime-a-dozen webzines, which give everything a high rating, the only perversion this angel could be accused of is the juvenile notion that its behaviour is of interest to anyone on the real heavy metal scene. The album does have an interesting cover artwork however. - Ali “The Metallian”


Fairytale Abuse