In Shadows Lies Utopia - 2008 - RoastingHouse
Black Mirror's Reflection - 2012 - Golden Core
Archgod - 2014 - Coroner

Faithful Darkness image
S= Erik Nilsson - Kåre Timmermann - Jonathan Thorpenberg - ERIK NILSSON
G= Soilwork>>Jimmy "Judas" Persson – Nonexist, Pandemonium>>JOHAN ALDGÅRD>>Nonexist, Pandemonium - Jonathan Thorpenberg
B= Johan Svensson Renström
D= Undecayed>>Martin Langen>>Undecayed, Pearl Of Horus - Moorgate, Thrive, Nonexist, Dark Tranquillity>>JOAKIM STRANDBERG-NILSSON>>Thrive, Nonexist, Dark Tranquillity

Based in the southern Swedish town of Höganäs, the ceramic capital of Sweden, The band was formed in 2004 by former Soilworker Persson as Faithfull Darkness before correcting the spelling four years later. Four demos were issued in this period. The group even opened for Soilwork. The year 2008 brought a full-length called In Shadows Lies Utopia through RoastingHouse Records. Martin Langen left in 2009. Johan Svensson Renström left in 2011. A 2013 EP was called The Second Reflection and was the follow-up to Black Mirror's Reflection. Coroner Records signed the band in 2014 and issued Archgod. As of 2013, Jonathan Thorpenberg was on guitar as well.



Faithful Darkness