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History & Biography
These thrashers released an album, appeared on a Combat video compilation and disappeared. Faith Or Fear featured later Overkill guitarist Merrit Grant at one point. They reformed in the mid-90's under a new moniker but disappeared again. A lineup of Tim Blackman, CJ Jenkins, Bob Perna, Chris Bombeke and drummer Daniel Hansen reformed in late 2002 and performed a show in January, 2003. The band began rehearsals in early 2003 in consideration of performing shows.

The reformed thrashers announced a tour with OITC, the band managed by new drummer Dan Hansen. The band's line-up was Tim Blackman on vocals, Bob Perna and Chris Bombeke on guitars, CJ on bass and Dan Hansen on drums at this point. There were no plans to record new music. Former guitarist Chris Bombeke and Shane Gellert of One In The Chamber formed a band in late 2006 called Tragedy In Progress in which Chris played bass. Faith Or Fear reformed again in late 2008 and signed a deal with Lost And Found Records. The band had finished recording new and older material towards a new CD, called Instruments Of Death, which was due in May. Faith Or Fear bassist Clarence "C.J." Jenkins died Sunday September 13th, 2009 after suffering a heart attack during the group's concert at Millville, NJ’s Arts, Music and Antiques Festival.

The band completed a new demo called System Is Armed in 2011.



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