Razing The World Of Myth – 2008 - Aphotic
The Great Shadow Infiltrator – 2013 - Deathgasm
Proverbial Lambs To The Ultimate Slaughter – 2018 - Hells Headbangers

Faithxtractor image
S= Shed The Skin, Vladimirs>>ASH THOMAS>>Shed The Skin, Vladimirs
G= Vladimirs, Thorns Of The Carrion>>Marquis Thomas>>Vladimirs, Thorns Of The Carrion – Estuary, Shed The Skin, Surgikill>>ASH THOMAS>>Estuary, Shed The Skin, Surgikill – Unkured, Killer Refrigerator, Estuary>>Cody Knarr>>Killer Refrigerator, Estuary, Ascended Master
B= ASH THOMAS – Estuary, Surgikill>>ZDENKA PRADO>>Estuary, Surgikill
D= Surgikill, Crucified Mortals, Machinations Of Fate, Vladimirs>>ASH THOMAS>>Surgikill, Crucified Mortals, Machinations Of Fate, Vladimirs

This death metal band was founded in 2005. Hells Headbangers issued a split for the band with Crucified Mortals. The first sign of life was Demo 2006. A 2015 7”, called Total Death Illumination, was issued by Austenitized Records. Faithxtractor’s Proverbial Lambs To The Ultimate Slaughter is out through Hells Headbangers on the 27th of July. Demoing The Code Of Soul Slavery was issued in 2020, but was a recording from 2006.

Ash and Marquis are brothers and also while away in the band Vladimirs. Marquis left in 2019.