End Of Eternity – 2016 - Loud Rage


S= Leprosy Abscess>>IOAN ALEXANDRU CRIȘAN>>Leprosy Abscess
G= Marius Moga - SILVIU STAN – Hteththemeth>>LUCIAN "LUCULLUS" POPA>>Hteththemeth
B= Radu Grosu
D= Cristian Tîrsan>>Vielftava – Hteththemeth>>COSTEA CODRUT>>Hteththemeth


Romanian atmospheric band False Reality issued its debut album, End Of Eternity, in the autumn of 2016 through Loud Rage Music. The recording had begun in 2014. The act was formed in 1998 and had a 1999 demo called Escape From Doom. The group’s origin was from the school act ART. Something called Sidekick (out of Norway) issued the band’s 2002 EP, Tales Of Eternity, on The band went away in the spring of 2003 afetr drummer and manager Cristian quit before reforming in 2001. A show was performed with a drum machine, but the decision to end it all made sense then until the return. The Brasov, Romania-based band had a line-up change in advance of the release of its new album, End Of Eternity. Bassist Radu Grosu left after seven years with the band and was replaced by Marc Spedalska.

The band announced a line-up modification after Marc Spedalska, the bass player who only performed in three live gigs, decided to quit the band following being admitted as a resident neurologist medic in the city of Cluj-Napoca. His replacement was a young bass player from Brasov, the band’s home city. Radu “Snuff” Constantinescu, who was active in the bands Consequence and Around The World and had other two active projects, Arrest The Moment and My Backyard Telescope.



False Reality