Burnin' - 1987 - Ebony

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G= Ice, Black Rose, Holland, Hammer>>Kenny Nicholson>>Black Market, Outrageous Wallpaper, Black Rose, Millennium

B= Nev Percival

D= Black Rose>>PAUL FOWLER>>Black Rose

History & Biography
Cleveland-based band Fast Kutz was the creation of guitarist Nicholson. Having signed with Ebony, they entered the studio to record only to find out that singer Marty Clerkin was not up to the job. The band was forced to go home to audition singers and returned with Davison in tow. The album out, the band hit the road and even received praise from Ozzy Osbourne, who heard the band on BBC Friday Rock Show when he was a guest reviewer, before firing Percival (replaced by Ian McLaughlan) and recruiting second guitarist Ian Gillson of Arizona fame.

Fast Kutz reportedly recorded a second album that Ebony never released due to a lack of funds. The gang split up soon thereafter. Black Market was a cover band.

The reformation happened in 2013. Nicholson was not there and replaced by Ian Gillson formerly of Arizona. Ian McLaughlin was on bass.



Fast Kutz