Beyond Reality - 2002 - GMR
Neo Natural Freaks - 2005 - Locomotive
World Domination - 2008 - Locomotive
21st Century Freaks - 2012 - FS
White Trash Heroes - 2014 - FS

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Scudiero>>H.B. Anderson>>Mindsplit - BLADE

8th Sin>>YUKSEL UNUTMAZ>>8th Sin

Markus Jahansson - Torch, Scaar, Days Of Anger, Tough Trade>>ALX [ALEX JONSSON]>>Scaar, Days Of Anger, Tough Trade

Rickard Johansson>>Jaggernaut, Twilight Illusion - Six Pack Solution>>Robin Lagerqvist - PHILTY

History & Biography
Guitarist Yüksel Unutmaz formed the melodic hard rock act in 1993. Many line-up changes occurred until the addition of ex-Scudiero vocalist H.B. Anderson completed the act by replacing Niklas Jonsson who had moved on to Highlander.

Subsequently, a 3-song promo CD called Beyond Reality was issued in 2000.

Confusingly the band began work on a full-length also called Beyond Reality in the summer of 2001 with producer Jonas Östman (Yngwie Malmsteen, Mental Hippie Blood, etc.) The band obtained a deal with Sweden's GMR in the same year allowing the release of the debut full-length in early 2002.

Robin Lagerqvist from the Six-Pack Solution replaces drummer Rickard Johansson soon thereafter. GMR issued Neo Natural Freaks in December of 2005. The album was picked up by Locomotive for the USA a year later. Locomotive Records’ Fatal Smile has parted ways with bassist Markus Johansson and already replaced him with Alex Johnson. Furthermore, singer H.B. Anderson left in the summer of 2007 and was replaced with Thomas E. Blade. The band announced the release of its third album, World Domination, for May, 2008 through Locomotive Records. The group kicked off 2009 by touring with Lordi in Europe. Fatal Smile lost drummer Zteff in the spring of 2010 purportedly due to the craziness of the touring world. Hard rock drummers interested in joining the band could contact info@fatalsmile.com.

Fatal Smile would release a new album, 21st Century Freaks, on May 7th, 2012 through FS Records/GMR Music Group. Fatal Smile released its 2014 album, White Trash Heroes, on April 25th through FS Records/GMR Music Group. Mr. Y produced it. The band subsequently announced it would split up on April 12th.


What kind of music do you expect from a band that is Swedish, has an album cover designed like a bottle of whiskey and has a dragon behind its logo here? Well, our Neo Natural Freaks are a mixture of hard rock, thrash, sleaze and grunge of course.
These guys have some of the best manes in the business and rock just as hard. There is some Love/Hate in Fatal Smile’s music and I knew that before I noticed a song entitled Learn - Love - Hate. Other sounds available are Warrior Soul, some Dream Evil on the heavier tunes, Pantera on the song Dead Man Walking and a grungy Soundgarden vibe on Quiet Chaos. And oh, did this girl mention how Neo Natural Freaks often sound like Velvet Revolver?
Yes, boys and girls the music here is fun, brash and loud, the chorus is layered with backing vocals, while the voice of H.B. Anderson are often peppered with effects. Is this what hard rock in the twenty first century sound like? - Sheila Wes Det


Fatal Smile