A Light In The Black – 2015 – Marianne
Oz Rebellion – 2017 - Steam Steel
7 Years Ago – 2018 – Steam Steel
The Sky Prison – 2021 – Steam Steel

Fate Gear image
S= Lipstick>>Shizuka Nico>>Lipstick

G= Destroya, Destrose, Arch Roses, Animeta Girl>>CAPTAIN MINA NAKAMURA [MINAKO]>>Animeta Girl

B= Pinkish Crown, Tohko, AsaP>>FUJISAKU ERIKA>>Pinkish Crown, Tohko, AsaP

D= Mori Haruka

K= Mysterious Priestess>>Fujioka Kurumi>>Mysterious Priestess – Yuri>>Unpredix

History & Biography
Guitarist Mina the founder, mainstay and last woman standing in Destrose moved on to Fate Gear and let Destrose become history in 2015. Ironically, she had disbanded Destrose citing health issues. Bassist Sakae did not last, but was later heard in Lipstick. Mina and vocalist Nico became the band that issued the debut through Marianne Records with which Destrose had worked. They even played Destrose tunes. Mina played all the instruments and used a drum machine. When Lipstick needed a singer due to Sindy committing to Nemophila Nico jumped in. Fate Gear pressed a short video for Fate Gear/Romancer in 2015 and another called Scars In My Life in 2016.

Oz Rebellion added more members like Kurumi, Erika and Haruka. A DVD was pressed and released again. Oz Rebellion was on the band’s Steam Steel imprint. A show at Rockmaykan featured Show-Ya’s Miki Igarashi. 7 Years Ago charted in Japan. The group appeared at the Evoken festival in Osaka in 2018. Singer Nico left and focused on an acting and voice-over career. The band toured Europe in 2019 and 2020. The former included Metal Matsuri in London England in September 2019 where other acts included Mardelas, Mary's Blood, Unlucky Morpheus and Lipstick. The Sky Prison featured multiple vocalists. An English language version of Scars In My Life arrived in 2021. The band participated in a show with The Number Zero and others called Battle Against Justice! Fate Gear was issuing its August 9th 2021 performance from AM Hall on DVD-R in 2022. It was called Live At AMHALL Osaka.

The band was issuing a demo called Killers In The Sky and touring Europe using the Battle Against Justice Tour 2022 monicker that spring. Former Galmet drummer Idyako took over the stool. Keyboardist Yuri would no longer be a regular member as of May 2022 due to joining Unpredix. Kurosaki of Revoldia and Glitter Tears would bang on the keys for the immediate future. Killers In The Sky Part 2 EP was out in November 2022. It came with both a CD and a DVD. It continued the story that was unveiled with Killers In The Sky from April 2022. A video was shot at the Japanese Iruma air base for the song Unbreakable Wings. The Deathless Memories 2023 EP contained two Destrose songs. Kokomi of Misliar was the guest singer. Fate Gear was returning to Europe for a tour in July of 2023. The group played at Breminale in Bremen, Germany as part of this tour. The group booked a concert in Meguro for the autumn as a way to say farewell to the club , which was relocating. Kurosaki announced her retirement citing her family's needs. The band's late 2023 single Winds Of Fall was notable because the band quickly discontinued the version with a video due to data issues.

The band terms itself Steampunk Metal. Aside from Mina the other members are termed project members.



Fate Gear