Obscurus Nex Cultus - 2008 - Gasmask
Morbid Destitution Of Covenant - 2010 - Relapse

S= Vomitchapel, Festered>>GHOAT [JUSTIN BLAKE S.]>>Vomitchapel, Festered
G= Lilitu, Winds Of Old, Vomitchapel>>GHOAT [JUSTIN BLAKE STUBBS]>>Lilitu, Winds Of Old, Vomitchapel - GHOUL
B= Vomitrocity, Black Funeral>>JAKE KOHN>>Black Funeral
D= Eternal Suffering, Foreboding, Skulleton, Skincrawler, Decrepitaph, Skincrawler, Scaremaker, Festered, Beyond Hell, Shrouded, Encoffination>> ELEKTROKUTIONER [W. SARANTOPOULOS]>>Skincrawler, Decrepitaph, Skincrawler, Scaremaker, Festered, Beyond Hell,Shrouded, Encoffination

Father was befouled in Chicago in 2007 and soon begat a demo called Sacrificing Oblivion. This soon led to a full-length that was followed with splits with Decrepitaph and Helcaraxë. An EP called Rotting Goldless Throne was issued through Nuclear War Now. The band signed with Relapse and issued a full-length in 2010, but was soon dropped. The LP version of the same was issued through Blood Harvest Records. Dark Descent Records issued a split of the band with Demonic Rage in May of 2011. The label announced the signing of the band for the release of its third album on CD and LP formats. The band would enter the studio in August of 2011 to record Revulsion Of Seraphic Grace and hoped to shoot for a release late in the same year. Kohn had moved to bass.

Any band seeking a drummer, or other musicians, can contact Elektrokutioner. He will not reuse any offers.



Father Befouled