Жажда забвения – 2013 – Another Side
...Sancta Simplicitas... – 2016 - Another Side
No Liars Among The Fallen – 2019 – Metal Scrap


S= Ravenant>>VALENTIN SAMOKHIN>>Ravenant
D= Ravenant>>ALEXANDER SAVINYKH>>Ravenant


This black metal band was initially founded in 1999. The group disbanded after two years. Alexandr Chumak died in 2001. The band returned in 2009. The band was based in Ukraine initially and ended up in mother Russia. Black metal band Fausttophel issued No Liars Among The Fallen through Metal Scrap. Fausttophel released a new music video for the forthcoming EP Ultimum Lupus (‘Last Wolf’) in 2021. This EP was a tribute to Svaromir Golunsky, a friend of the band.


It is surprising that bands still play this type of music and, what is more, it gets released. The Ukrainian, but apparently Russia-based band, is cliché-ridden, useless and redundant. The band’s delivery is actually quite good and it speeds up, but the music is everything the above adjectives just suggested.
The music is your average typical so-called black metal where growls and shrieks combine with female vocals. The riffs are simple, unoriginal, and go from fast to slow and mid-paced and are constantly interrupted by keyboards. If you are still reading, despite having understood how formulaic this thing is, yes indeed there are slow interludes of piano, a supposedly metal song called The Song Of The Leper, which halfway in-between sounds like it is auto playing soft rock, and loads of Slavic language pompous vocalizing. The melodic clangs sometimes sound like those of a children's music box and the sounds of a lullaby.
Who in the world needs another bombastic album confusing metal with keyboards full of very simple riffs whether fast or slow where every instrument follows the others? And just to complete the world of standard-issue same-old same-olds the group ends with a … yup, you guessed it… a cover version. Why didn’t anyone else think of that idea? – Ali “The Metallian”

Fausttophel’s 2019 album bears a Ukrainian name whose English translation is ‘No Liars Among The Fallen.’ This is a band which does its best diligently album after album and song after song to sabotage itself.
There is plenty here to compel a true metal fan. Harsh and brutal sounds, heavy riffs, speedy rhythms and serious vocals are undercut by the band’s consistent yearning to be infertile, infantile and impure. In come the female vocals, ethnic and folk instruments, synthesizers and voice-overs to disappoint. Admittedly, on album number three, the band delivers its best work yet and minimizes the Ukrainian voice-over narration and the soprano shrill bitching and delivers more of the good stuff, but the bad stuff is still strewn all over the place. The title track kicks off the album and for one moment it sounds like the Blade Runner soundtrack before the band goes for it. Mansion Of Shadows is a gripping attack until ruined by synthesizers clearly inspired by Samael. The Path Beyond is a speedy number before sabotaged by the band’s defilement. That is how it goes with this band. Moreover, the recording is laden with the disappointment that comes with a drum machine. Emperor fans may love it. Serious metal fans will wonder what might have been. Boys, leave the girlfriend and her synthesizer at home and, not only your music will be respected, but also warm food aplenty will be in the fridge when you return home. Extra marks for the intriguing cover artwork. – Ali “The Metallian”