Sedition>>FEAR OF GOD - USA

Within The Veil - 1991 - Warner
Toxic Voodoo - 1994 - Pavement

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S= First Attack, Allies, Detente>>DAWN CROSBY
G= Michael Carlino>>Fear Of God - Chris Kalandras>>Den Of Germs - Randy Bob Zien
B= Blair Darby - Have Mercy, Jakkpot>>Rob Michael>>Jakkpot, Den Of Germs
D= Steve Cordova - Have Mercy>>JOHN GRDEN>>Fog

Fear Of God was the new thrash metal act of Dawn Crosby of Detente fame and was formed in 1989. The band featured Rob Hunter of Raven in the band at one time and Dawn had gotten involved with Carlino after separating from her former band member and drummer Dennis. Having moved to the East Coast of the USA, the band was called Sedition when it signed to Warner Music.

Line-up changes were common (between albums the guitarist tried to replace Dawn!) and the debut was generally heralded as the superior work. To tour for the debut Crosby hired most of Wrathchild America and even the new line-up of Rob, Chris and Randy took off before the second album was out.

The tour for Toxic Voodoo featured even newer members. The band played the Aardschok Festival. A demo 1995 was recorded with new members, but there was no label to be found. Sadly Crosby died of alcoholism (liver failure) in December of 1996. A follow-up band was called FOG - an acronym obviously. A demo tape of the last Fear Of God line-up called Killing The Pain was nevertheless released in 1997.

Singer and guitarist Chris Kalandras, bassist Rob Michael and drummer Nort (ex-Have Mercy) formed a new band called Den Of Germs in 2007. Michael Carlino replaced Juan Garcia of Agent Steel in the reformed Détente in the winter of 2008.



Fear Of God