Heroic Conduct>>FESTER - NORWAY

Winter Of Sin - 1992 - No Fashion
Silence - 1994 - Lethal
A Celebration Of Death - 2012 - Abyss

Fester image
Rolf Tommy Simenson - Bjorn Mathisen - Algol, Seance>>THOMAS ANDRESEN

Rolf Tommy Simenson - Sincera, Decipher>>BJORN MATHISEN>>Sincera, Decipher

Jørgen Skjolden - Balvaz, Carpathian Full Moon, Gruesome, Kampfar>>JON BAKKER>>Gruesome, Kampfar

Jan Skjolden>>Nattverd

History & Biography
Norway's Fester was formed as Heroic Conduct in 1989, changed its name in 1990 and released two demos, The Introduction and Winter Of Sin, before signing to No Fashion and releasing Winter Of Sin. This album was also the material of an earlier demo, which itself contained a track from The Introduction. This band specialized in doomy death metal.

The band then signed to Austria's Lethal and released Silence. With Lethal's vanishing act, Fester seemed to go into slumber until 2000 brought news of the band's return. Simultaneously in 2000 No Fashion Records re-released Silence with bonus tracks. Elsewhere Bassist Jørgen Skjolden passed away in 2000 due to an overdose.

Following 2010’s reissue of Winter Of Sin, Abyss Records was reissuing more music from Fester in 2011. In mid-April of 2011 Abyss would reincarnate the band’s 1994 release Silence on digi-CD. The reissue would come completely remixed, remastered and repackaged and would feature all nine original tracks and a live version of the song Persecution recorded in 1991. The reactivated band had Thomas Andresen on vocals. Fester completed the recording of its first studio album in 17 years in 2011! Entitled A Celebration Of Death, the album was targeted for an early 2012 release through Abyss Records. Original member Bjørn "Tiger" Mathisen had recruited Thomas Andresen (Algol) on vocals, Jon Bakker (Kampfar) on bass and Grammy nominated jazz drummer Audun Kleive for session drums.