Fiinky Pie - 2003 - Brennus
Free & Wild - 2005 - Brennus
Rust - 2007 - Brennus
Rock N’ Roll Children - 2012 - Brennus

Fiinky Pie image
Goshup, Orgie, Chromosome 5>>RAYMZ FIINK

Doctor X - Sunny Slice - Vid'da - Black Blade>>CLOUX>>Black Blade

Church - Goshup, Orgie, Chromosome 5>>RAYMZ FIINK

Sleaze Foxx - Nazca>>ERIC

History & Biography
Fiinky Pie was formed in September, 2002 by former Orgie and Chromosome 5 man Raymz Fiink and drummer Sleaze Fox, bassist Church and guitarist Doctor X. A three-song demo was soon put together. The band intended to play "pure heavy rock & roll." A debut record appeared a year later. Sleaze Fox and Church were soon ejected after intending to take the band into a more commercial FM direction. The gang appeared on a Killers tribute CD in 2004. 2005 brought a second full-length and a new line-up. Shows followed. Rust was recorded at the Studio Sainte Marthe in Paris in May 2006. The band was looking for a new label, but the album ended up on Brennus. A bigger gap ocurred between this record and the next. Cloux of Black Blade was on guitar.


It is rare to hear 'free and wild' hard rockers like this these days. It is too bad really. The three guys who constitute the formation with the strange name, Raymz, Vid'da and Eric, have new songs that are like Mötley Crüe, Pretty Maids and Thin Lizzy all rolled into one. The World needs more groovy hard rock. A first good sign is the gritty guitar sound. The first song, The Wild, is a total play on Crüe's Kickstart My Heart. The singing is flat, but there is enough excitement here to make it fun. From there on cliché, but cool, rock comes out of the speakers almost non-stop. With lines like "all in the name of rock and roll" (off the album's best song) not much is left to the imagination. The song Hard Love can be construed as a bit tired, although big riffs like the one on Liar are all over the pie. This last song also has some odd growling on it courtesy of someone called Steeve Zuul from some band called Zuul Fx. The album also includes a couple of mystery bonus tracks. One of these is a 10-second long oddity, while the other is a song with French lyrics that might be a Killers cover - maybe.
This girl likes to hear more music from Fiinky, although some more lead work and long hair (on the guys similar to the cover chick) would also be nice. - Sheila Wes Det


Fiinky Pie