Under The Bleeding Sky - 2004 - Karmageddon

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Bodies, Codeon, Saatanan Marionetit, Grand Conspiracy>>VESA MATTILA>>Codeon, Saatanan Marionetit, Grand Conspiracy

Bodies, Black Temple>>VESA MATTILA>>Black Temple – RMS, Stillburned>>Marko Leiviskä>>RMS, Stillburned, Am I Blood

Anal Intruders, Barcode, Firewall>>Toni Laine

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History & Biography
Final Dawn was formed in the summer of 2000 in Oulu. Marko and Laine joined the fold in 2001. A rehearsal called Suicide Of Your World had appeared in April of 2001. The boys recorded a video for the title track to the Aggression Overdrive demo independently. The Tico Tico-produced music garnered the band a deal with UK label Rage Of Achilles in 2002. The original idea was to release an EP, but when the label expressed dissatisfaction with the music Karmageddon Media stepped in and picked up the EP plus three tracks to issue the band's debut full-length. The original songs and the second session were all recorded at Sonic Pump Studios. The debut was licensed to Candlelight for the North American market. And They Die..., Martyrs Of Vanity and Soulless Can't Repent are 2008, 2009 and 2010 demos. The Crown Of The Dead Eyes came in 2012. Become Death and Celtic Honour are further demos. The group then released Satan's Hourglass in 2019. Minä Olen Pimeys (‘I Am Darkness’) came in 2020.


Final Dawn might sound like yet another clueless Finnish band, but the young quartet is actually interested in playing and delivering metal as opposed to techno-gothic-retro-psychedelic-sadness with a touch of folk or whatever. The material on Under The Bleeding Sky is hardly revolutionary, but is way better than the Amorphis/Sentenced pop material from that country. The band recorded five songs in one session and three (Solemn Art, Regression Is Transgression and What Flows Within) much later. The older songs are thrashier and the new ones obviously a little more melodic and less basic. The music is aggressive and the guitar distortion especially sharp. The song Bleeding Sky, for instance, is older and thrashier and consequently catchier. My Pain is also more basic and more fun to listen to. The band's singer both squeaks and screams and often sounds like old Rotting Christ. Final Dawn still needs to develop, but it should never lose sight of the fundamental tenets of heavy metal. - Ali "The Metallian"


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