Midnattens Widunder - 2000 - Spinefarm
Jaktens Tid - 2001 - Spinefarm
Visor Om Slutet - 2003 - Spinefarm
Nattfold - 2004 - Spikefarm
Ur Jordens Djup - 2007 - Spinefarm
Mot Skuggornas Värld – 2010 – Century Media
Blodsvept – 2013 - Century Media
Natten Med De Levande Finntroll – 2014 – Spinefarm
Vredesvavd – 2020 – Century Media

Finntroll image
Katla [Jan Jämsen] - Wizzard, Nattvindens Gråt>>Tapio Wilska - Carnaticum, Chthonian, Degenerate, Twilight Moon, …And Oceans, Decomposter>>MATHIAS "VRETH" LILLMÅNS>>Carnaticum, Chthonian, Degenerate, Twilight Moon, And Oceans, Decomposter

Barathrum, Thy Serpent>>Somnium - Impaled Nazarene>>Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta>>Impaled Nazarene – Decomposter>>SAMULI PONSIMAA [SKRYMER]>>Decomposter - The Mist And The Morning Dew, The Seventh Planet>>ROUTA [MIKAEL KARLBOM]

Funebre, Shape Of Despair>>SAMI 'TUNDRA' UUSITALO

Barathrum>>B.Dominator [Samu Ruotsalainen]>>Shape Of Despair, Survivors Zero - Samu Ruotsalainen - Barathrum, Shape Of Despair, Survivors Zero>>Beast Dominator [Samu Ruotsalainen]>>Shape Of Despair, Survivors Zero – Atheme One, Virtuocity, Norther, Force Majeure, Exsecratus, Amberian Dawn, Naildown, Whorion, Tuoni>>MORKO [HEIKKI SAARI]>>Naildown, Whorion, Tuoni, Crownshift

Ahti, Woods Of Belial, Crypt, Barathrum, Moonsorrow, Solo, The Wicked, Tuska20>>TROLLHORN [HENRI SORVALI]>>Solo, Moonsorrow, The Wicked, Tuska20 – Imperanon>>ALEKSI VIRTA

History & Biography
Folk metal from Finland? Why not, the scene's seen it all by now. This one, ironically, features Swedish lyrics owing to the lyricist’s background.

Teemu "Somnium" Raimoranta (born 19.05.1977), the guitar player of both Finntroll and Impaled Nazarene, died in Helsinki on Sunday 16th of March 2003 in a suicidal and alcohol-related episode when he fell from a bridge.

The Finns released an acoustic/experimental CD featuring their new singer Tapio Wilska, entitled Visor Om Slutet on April 24 in Scandinavia!

The band entered Sundicoop Studio in the autumn of 2003 and recorded Nattfold. It was released in North America by Century Media. The band recruited the singer of Twilight Moon, one Mathias, in the winter of 2006. A fifth full-length, Ur Jordens Djup, came out on April 24th of 2007. Century Media Records signed Finntroll on directly following a licensing collaboration with the band for its previous album. A new album from the band was due in 2010. Folk rock darlings Finntroll completed work on the new album, called Mot Skuggornas Värld, which was due in early 2010 through Century Media Records. It was recorded at Finnvox Studio. In 2010, Bill Zebub (Grimoire Of Exalted Deeds Magazine, Metal Retardation, Breaking Her Will et cetra) was issuing Pagan Metal: A Documentary featuring interviews and live shows by some of the genre's bands including Korpiklaani, Primordial, Finntroll, Ensiferum, Leaves' Eyes, Turisas and Tyr. Blodsvept was also a 2013 EP, which featured a Pet Shop Boys’ cover. Natten Med De Levande Finntroll was recorded in The Netherlands in 2008.

The act and Insomnium toured in 2021. The band announced a tour of Ireland and the UK for 2023. Skálmöld was in tow. The band was booked for Wacken and Tuska 2023 and was also off to South America earlier. The band toured Europe in 2024, head to Japan to play with openers Metsatöll and returned to Europe for Festival Lid Ar Morrigan VI.


It is very difficult to digest a band whose name is Finntroll! Likewise, the band's music is a mixture of metal, orchestral pieces, polka music and the soundtrack to Final Fantasy. Furthermore, the cover of the new album, Nattfödd or Nightborn in English, features a troll sitting on a throne which upon closer inspection is made to resemble a penis and testicles. These guys are so clever.
The sound is good, the vocals harsh and Finntroll evidently has a bunch of fans in Europe, but the mixture of elements and the contradiction in imagery, sound and concept all translate into an unpalatable entree. Personally speaking, the accordion has never been essential listening at Metallian Towers and chances are metal fans would understand why. - Ali "The Metallian"

So singer Tapio Wilska is out and replaced by newcomer Vreth. Unfortunately the band’s musical style is the same old fiery dong that it was on day one.
Only in Finland (and flaming poseur-centrals of other countries) would something so inebriated with hoarse vocals, spoken word, acoustic guitar, keyboards, mouth harp, banjo and other misguided instruments of detritus be considered metal. The band veers from a boring intro to a badly produced muddled screech and to slow and fast parts which are consistently denied dignity through insertion of local folk, popisms, fantasy, symphonic chaos and the ever-popular (ha) polka sounds. Heavier than Korpiklaani, but no less stupid Finntroll reflects its country and its fans. And gods of originality awake for the album ends with a drunken sing-along acting as a hidden track.
The question asked in metal circles is akin to the old chicken and egg story. Does one have to be retareded to listen to this emasculating nonsense or does listening make one gravitate towards hard alcohol and the need to relieve the suffering? - Ali “The Metallian”