Shadow Realms – 2015 – Century Media
The Reprobate – 2017 – Century Media
Abominate – 2019 – Century Media


S= Nihilist, Morbid. Allegiance, Entombed, Entombed A.D., Allegiance>>LARS GÖRAN PETROV>>Entombed A.D.
G= Aeon, Entombed, Entombed A.D., Necrocide, Dominion, Akani, Dimmu Borgir>>VICTOR BRANDT>>Entombed A.D., Necrocide, Dominion, Akani, Dimmu Borgir – Unleashed, Incardine Siebenbürgen, Necrophobic, Dead Kosmonaut>>FREDRIK FOLKARE>>Unleashed, Necrophobic, Dead Kosmonaut
B= Trident, Karneywar, Necrophobic, Mefisto, Persuader>>ALEX FRIBERG>>Necrophobic, Mefisto, Persuader
D= Embalmed, Defleshed, Nonexist, Infernal, Dark Funeral, Raised Fist, The Hidden, Skineater>>MATTE MODIN>>Raised Fist, The Hidden, Skineater, Defleshed


Firespawn (formerly using the monicker Fireborn), which is a project of Entombed’s Lars Göran Petrov (vocals), guitarists and Victor Brandt of Entombed and Fredrik Folkare of Unleashed and Necrophobic, Necrophobic’s Alex Friberg (bass) and Dark Funeral’s Matte Modin (drums), signed with Century Media in the summer of 2015. An album was due in November. In the meantime, a 7” inch EP called Lucifer Has Spoken would appear in August. Petrov succumbed to cancer in 2021.