Axe>>FIST - UK

Turn The Hell On - 1980 - MCA
Back With A Vengeance - 1982 – Neat
Storm – 2005 - Demolition

Fist image
S= Warbeck>>Keith Satchfield - Hollow Ground>>Glen Coates -Thrust>>Norman 'Pop' Appleby - Warbeck>>KEITH SATCHFIELD
G= Warbeck>>Keith Satchfield - Dave Irwin>>Venom - Mythra>>Paul Roach -Warbeck>>KEITH SATCHFIELD - Hollow Grund, Powerage>>MARTIN METCALF
B= John Wylie - Thrust>>Norman 'Pop' Appleby - The Schoolboys, Brodie,Deathwish, Roosters, Shadz>>BIG AL
D= Harry Hill

The band was formed as early as 1977 under the Axe moniker. A name-change was forced upon the band after an American band by the same name came to the fore. The new name also had a counterpart; this time in Canada.

After releasing the Name Rank & Serial Number 7" EP (b/w You’ll Never Get Me Up), the band was licensed to MCA for the debut record.

Fist's first London show was on May 2, 1980. The band appeared on the Lead Weight compilation and toured with UFO. The band had a second guitarist (Roach) on Back... but the arrangement didn't last. Irwin replaced Mantas for one tour later in Venom. The act disbanded in 1984.

The band reappeared in 2001. A self-titled MCD appeared in that year. The line-up was Satchfield, Hill, as well as Big Al and Martin Metcalf. Glen Coates returned on vocals in 2017.