Flegma>>Tenebre>>FLEGMA - SWEDEN

Blind Acceptance - 1992 - Black Rose
Flesh To Dust - 1994 - Black Rose

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Morbid Lust>>Rother - Tenebre>>KALLE METZ>>Tenebre

FREDRIK - Martin Olsson>>Tenebre, Forest Of Shadows - Vulcania, Psycho Void, Obscurity, Redrvm, S.K.U.R.K., Silver Grime>>JORGEN LINDHE>>Obscurity, Redrvm, S.K.U.R.K., Silver Grime - Vulcania>>Ola Püschel>>Redrvm

Tenebre, Wolfsblood>>RICHARD LION>>Tenebre, Wolfsblood

S.K.U.R.K., Redrvm, Obscurity>>Martin Borsson>>S.K.U.R.K., Redrvm, Obscurity - Joel

History & Biography
Flegma was a crossover band formed in 1987, had a 1990 EP called Eine Kleine Schlactmusik (a little battle music - a take on Eine Kleine Nachtmusik). Rother was replaced in 1991. Lindhe joined after Flesh... The crossover act also appeared on the mandatory cover CDs - Venom and Metallica in this case. A self-titled demo appeared in 1995, which was the end. Several members gave rise to Tenebre as a follow-up..

That is until the obligatory, mandatory and traditional reformation, which came in 2020. It was 25 years after the act was last together. It was not quite Heavy Load though. The act appeared at Malmo Festival - Rock Stage and was recording in 2022 and 2023. The band reported it complete at the beginning of 2024.