...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate... - 2008 - Sevared
Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering - 2010 - Sevared
Hymn For The Leeches - 2014 - Unique Leader

Flesh Consumed image
S= Umbriel, Hydrocephalic, Deeds Of Flesh, Funeral Rust>>COREY ATHOS>>Umbriel, Hydrocephalic, Deeds Of Flesh, Funeral Rust
G= Lenard Atalig - Taylor Holt>>Feast - Vaginal Discharge, Inanimate Existence>>Cameron Porras>>Inanimate Existence - SHAUNE KELLEY
B= Assail>>Phil Perez - Nick Willbrand>>Feast, Eviscerated - Arkaik>>ERIC COHEN
D= Alex Colon>>Colonize The Rotting, Hydrocephalic - Ron Casey - Putrilage, Hydrocephalic, Lust Of Decay, Atrocious Abnormality>>BRENT WILLIAMS>>Atrocious Abnormality

These gore metal extremists were originally formed in Santa Cruz, California in 2003 before disbanding in 2004. The group reformed in 2005 and released a demo called Inhuman Butchery in 2006. Subsequent to a 2007 promo CD the band issued ...Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate... in 2008. The same label issued the New Order Of Intelligence EP in 2009. The group moved over to Unique Leader and had a LP called Ecliptic Dimensions Of Suffering in 2010. Flesh Consumed would issue an album called Hymn For The Leeches in 2014 through Unique Leader Records. Guitarist Shaune Kelley and drummer Brent Williams were new in the band.

The band has had more members than six Swedish bands put together.



Flesh Consumed