Killing Absorption - 2003 - Metal Blast
May God Strike Me Dead - 2005 - Moon
Wake Up For Freedom - 2008 - Moon


S= Cannibal - SID
B= Vovan - Entrails Putrefaction>>Sad>>Entrails Putrefaction - CRASH
D= Max - DAN


Fleshgore, a death metal band based out of Kiev and formed in 2000, issued the Interuterine Dilemms demo in 2002 through Sick Carnage Productions. The band recorded an album in 2003 before reverting to demo status in 2004 and issuing May God Strike Me Dead. An album by the same name and featuring additional songs appeared on Moon Records a year later. This Dark Reign licensed the debut album for America in 2006. The band issued a demo called Wake Up For Freedom in late 2006. Wake Up For Freedom featured a new bassist, guitarist and drummer and was released in the summer.


Fleshgore is a young Ukrainian band whose allegiance, no surprise, lies with the death metal camp. The band’s new album is (the band’s debut and) called Killing Absorption and reminds one of none other than early Broken Hope albums like Swamped In Gore and The Bowels Of Repugnance. The vocals are both guttural and growly, the speed mostly fast mixed with slower moments and the sound muddy as hell. The demo quality recording detracts from the album, but the more one soaks this in the more the whole things finds appeal. It is worth pointing out that this is a three-year old recording now offered up for America by This Dark Reign Recordings. As such, hearing the band with a better sound might translate to an even bigger impact. Favourite songs have to be Devoured By Helminthes (“They are very dangerous creatures, they ruin and damage our systems, they stick to our organs with suckers and sit there in darkness”), the Cannibal Corpse-like Severe Pain which sports some cool drumming and the fast number, Interuterine Dilemms. The band’s newer and second album features a different singer, but this is good brutality nonetheless. - Anna Tergel

Fleshgore’ second album May God Strike Me Dead would be a fine addition to any death metaller’s collection. The Ukrainian band has all the brutality of Dying Fetus and the chugging crush of Aborted and with a satisfactory production is equal to anything released in the West. The band does not forget the speed either. The song Obtrusion is a good instance of the insanity prevailing throughout this album. The singer growls and snorts fire and the drummer blasts away without missing a beat. Naturally, and this is happening too often, the bass drums are triggered and come across as completely without power. That is really sad. The leads and tremolo effects are strategically placed all over and sound delicious.
Without lyrics - Metallian Towers should offer a prize to anyone who could discern the lyrics - it is impossible to guess what the song Fag-end talks about, but it cannot be anything more ominous than the destruction of the earth or the dominion of Satan which many bands have crooned about before.
Misery Index, Suffocation, Broken Hope, Dying Fetus or Avulsed have found a new peer. - Anna Tergel