Chaos Symphony>>FLESHTIZED - USA

Here Among Thorns - 2001 - Mighty

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Epoch Of Unlight>>Casey Robertson>>Epoch Of Unlight - Adam Parker

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History & Biography
The Alabama death metal platoon was formed in the spring of 1996 (as a deathrash act) and released two demos, one being '98's Tower Of Pain, before independently releasing a MCD called Divide And Conquer. Vocalist Robertson, reportedly, slept in his car for a winter to collect enough money to record the MCD. Guitarist Adam Parker left the fold in 2000. Successfully negotiating with Mighty in late 2000, the band recorded Here Among Thorns with the help of Jacob Hansen. The band had played with Krisiun and Vader among others and graced the stage for The Ohio Death Fest. The band also recorded a song for a Dwell Records Cannibal Corpse tribute.

Lovvorn had at one time auditioned to join Nile.

The band lost Casey Robertson and disbanded in 2001, but replaced him with Rob Kline of Pessimist and Psychotogen fame and guitarist Sonny Lombardozzi formerly of Incantation and returned to the scene in early 2004. Promo 2006 was the end.


Fleshtized hail from Alabama and so I would be forgiven very easily for dismissing the band before giving the slaves leave to unwrap the disc. Originally called Chaos Symphony and specializing in thrash metal, over the years the trio has lost members and metamorphosed into a fast and semi-technical death metal band. The band manages impressively and even though the triggers are audible, all three musicians play admirably fast and tightly. The unreal drumming on Deplorable is worth the sticker price alone. The sound is very smooth and it is certain that this album will appeal to several groups like fans of death metal be it speedy or semi-technical as well as those guitar fanatics who are looking for a little less groove and more talent. The band messes things up by doing a cover of a Morbid Angel track (and are even on yet another one of those annoying tribute albums filling the moat behind the Metallian Towers), but let us ignore that and stay focused on the shredding nature of the trio. Who knows, another couple of bands like Fleshtized and Alabama might register on a metal map some day (doubt it)! Yet another kudo goes to mixing engineer Jacob Hansen for a job well done. - Ali "The Metallian"