Necrocoprohaemorrhage>>FLESHTORTURE - NICARAGUA

The Stench Of Humanity – 2011 – Brute!
Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad – 2021 –Brute!

Fleshtorture image
G= Corpus Mors>>Héctor Cerrato>>Corpus Mors, Gorepoflesh – Profecía, Inquisición, Planta Maldita, SAM-7>>RENÉ SCHOCK – Sepulcro, Cabal, Gorepoflesh>>LENIN GALO>>Gorepoflesh
B= Mortuorium, Humangrinder>>HANRY CANO>>Mortuorium, Humangrinder
D= Golden Slumbers, Undergrave, SAM-7, Dismorfia, Lírica Profana, Corpus Mors>>RUDY WOLF>>SAM-7, Dismorfia, Lírica Profana, Corpus Mors

The band was briefly Necrocoprohaemorrhage in 2004 before changing monickers and going for gore metal. Two promos, one of which was live, came in 2005. The 2007 demo was called Chronology Of A Brutality. A full-length demo was named Physical And Mental Intensity By The Torture in 2008. A Thai label issued the band’s debut album. Fleshtorture released a new LP, entitled Grotesca Doctrina De La Perversidad, on Brute! Productions. Enduring bassist Hanry Cano, drummer Rudy Wolf and vocalist Xhugore are joined by guitarists Lenin Galo and René Schock on the first full-length release from the band in a decade. The band issued a single in 2019, but otherwise was dormant for a decade.