Nocturnal Serenity>>FOREST OF IMPALED - USA

Demonvoid - 1999 - Red Stream
Forward The Spears – 2003 – Red Stream
Rise And Conquer – 2007 – Red Stream

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Crypt, Morbus>>Dan Prawica – Zalnik, Nachtmystium, Disinter>>ZION MEAGHER>>Disinter, Anti-Human Thesis, Doomsday, Metallian, Sons Of Famine, Chrome Waves

Crypt, Morbus, Creaphagy>>ADRIAN ADAMUS>>Against The Plagues - MARK TRELA

Crypt, Morbus>>Dan Prawica – Weltmacht, Sarcophagus, Torrent, Divine Empire>>CRYPTIC WINTER [DUANE TIMLIN]>>Divine Empire, Torrent, Dying Fetus, Funeral Rites, Insatanity, Nokturnel, Consumned, Nailed Shut, Viogression, Shattered Cadaver, Doomspeak, Splattered Cadaver, Crowned In Glory, Anomaly

Andy Rusin

History & Biography
The seeds were planted in the autumn of 1992 and a demo tape called The Dark Wilderness was recorded in 1993. Earlier - in 1991 - the band was called Nocturnal Serenity and had absorbed much Amorphis. The band's line-up comprised of Dan Prawica (v/b), Andy Rusin (d) and the guitarists Adrian Adamus and Mark Trela. Mortis Dei followed in 1995. Interment Records took it upon itself to release this recording after a sour deal with Terrorizer Records, which later became Nightfall Records. The band added a keyboardist (Mike Zielinski) and recorded The Seventh Dominion tape in 1998. The band is less blackened and more melodic here. The tape brought the band in contact with Red Stream Records, where the band signed for two albums, and Demonvoid was released. The Chicago band, having achieved little, continued writing songs while losing both singer/bassist and the drummer. A new drummer was Terrence Manauis and later Duane Timlin who had worked for Sarcophagus, Judas Iscariot and Broken Hope filled the drum stool. It disbanded in 2007. Adamus was in the multinational project Against The Plagues next.

Andy and Mark are Polish. FOI is a Chicago band.


Despite having an earlier EP (Mortis Dei) and having recorded this CD earlier this summer, the arrival of this CD was, for all intents and purposes, the first time I had heard of this US band. Somewhat of a departure for the experimentally-minded Red Stream, FOI specialize in the kind of red, hot black/death popularized and perfected by Dissection. It is with joy that one hears new music as powerful as this in these talent-barren times, and were it not for the occasional keyboard bursts this would indeed be an epiphany. Hence it is with happiness that I note the presence of the heavenly instrument kept to a minimum and partially buried in the sound. Which takes me to the next point: other than the above-mentioned silliness the only thing keeping this disc down is the chaotic sound. Still, concentrating on the beef of the matter, Demonvoid is actually quite good. Fast blasts of aggression mix with fine composition techniques and songs like the techno metal dance of Beyond the Black Mountain Realm or the power of The Impaler make for a power infusion for the underground. For an album of menacing guitars with riffs that bite; precision rhythm attack that cuts like a knife and all manner of Dissection emulation pick up a CD not heralded by every Dick and Harry. - Ali "The Metallian"


Forest Of Impaled