Senyaan - 1998 - M.A.B.
Ka Ba Ach - 2000 - Redblack
Kro Ni Ka – 2006 - Redblack
La Grande Bouffe – 2012 – Shindy
Sonique Voyeurisme – 2015 – Shindy
Kras – 2018 - Epidemie
Vemork Konstrukt - 2023 - Magick Disk Musick

Forgotten Silence image
S= Vuvr>>Adis [Adam Klopar]>>Vuvr – Endless, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy>>Hanka Nogolová>>Endless, Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy – Satyr [Petr Ševčík] - Memoria>>ANDREA BASLOVA

G= Sax, Götterdämmerung, Willig, Headfire>>MEDVED [PAVEL URBÁNEK]>>Götterdämmerung, Willig, Headfire – Biggles [Jiří Kučerovský]>>Willig – Silent Stream Of Godless Elegy, Paladran>>Hyenik Stančík>>Paladran - Kaandar, Hadí Mord, Space Hamster, Pačess, Somnus Aeternus, The Book>>KUBYK [JAKUB FRITSCHE]>>Kaandar, Hadí Mord, Pačess, The Book

B= Remembrance, Kuma Rafinatta, Sax, Willig, Inner Fear>>KRUSTY [ALEXANDR NOVÁČEK]>>Kuma Rafinatta, Sax, Willig, Inner Fear

D= Love History, Endless>>Chrobis [Radim Chrobok]>>Love History, Endless – Blackosh, Ador Dorath, Pačess, The Split>>CEPA [ZDENĚK ČEPIČKA]>>Blackosh, Ador Dorath, Pačess, The Split

K= Mastix, Saphet>>Hanka Nogolová>>Saphet, Demimonde, Love History – Willig>>MARTY [JAN FRIEDMAN]>Willig

History & Biography
Forgotten Silence features keyboards and female vocals (K&F) and has released the demos The Nameless Forever... The Last Remembrance in '94, Thots in '95 and the split 7"s Clara - The Clairvoyant (with Dissolving Of Prodigy) and The Hills Of Senyaan Pt.II (with Agony) - the latter two through Obscene Productions. The obligatory cover CD was not been forgotten and the band contributed to a Master's Hammer Tribute CD. Sonique Voyeurisme was recorded in 2015. A new album appeared in 2023. The act had a concert with former label-mates Depresy in 2023. The band was also booked for Celestial Helpfest.



Forgotten Silence